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Brotherhood of Gentiana (small).PNG
Brotherhood of Gentiana

An elite secret pararealm organization created to influence the political and sometimes the military evolution of the Continent either by issuing proclamations and overtly acting according to them or by using the weapons of secret propaganda to affect outside and inside policies making the fulfilment of its aims easier.

The members of the Brotherhood vary both on ranks and professions. Persons of great importance and reputation, coming from the lowest to the highest rank of Nobility, have decided to unify their efforts and combine their skills for a better future of the Continent, Protecting and ensuring the Welfare of the People of Every Origin. Eloquent Politicians, Recognized Diplomats, Hard Negotiators Traders, Courageous Heros, Experienced Bureaucrats, Devoted Soldiers and Skilled Infiltrators have all together joined the side of the Brotherhood of Gentiana building the fame and glory that currently meets.

The Brotherhood of Gentiana possesses its own lands (so far scattered mansions) and regulates its own diplomatic relations according to which takes the necessary action. The Brotherhood is composed by Classes and each one of them has different features and tasks.

Primary Aim:

- The Protection and Welfare of the People of Every Origin

Current Diplomatic Stances:

Temporarily kept in secret


- Class of Gentiana (leaders)

- Class of Romance (leading force, Councillors)

- Class of Passion (executive force)

- Class of Beauty (secret)

- Class of Aroma (secret)

- Class of Elegancy (aspirants)

- Class of Delicacy (secret)

Revealing anything of importance about the Brotherhood of Gentiana to outsiders such as plans, names, threads, discussions etc. without authorisation, is forbidden and will be dealt with accordingly.


Royals: -
Lords: 1
Infiltrators: 2
Traders: -
Others: 3


Explanation of the Brotherhood's Banner

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