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Congratulations for being chosen among others to join and serve a pararealm organization, which operates from the upper ranks of society and aims to political and sometimes also military interference, in an attempt to influence situations for its benefit.

The Brotherhood’s intentions, as have been set by its foundation, are the Protection and Welfare of its Members, the Survival and Growth both in Power and Size of the Brotherhood and the Protection and Welfare of the People of Every Origin. The Brotherhood abides to its own Laws and serves its own Virtues. The Brotherhood recognizes Pride and Honour as the Virtues that shall always be followed by the members and Respect, absolute Confidence and mutual Trust between them as the key for the Brotherhood’s success.

Since the Brotherhood is a pararealm organization, despite its good intentions, it is considered to be illegal and its members are sometimes hunted. We, though, are among the very few that are aware of its presence and its prestigious function and thus we shall always be held responsible for the Brotherhood’s progress, whether it is good or bad. As a totally autonomous organization, the Brotherhood is called to set its diplomatic stances with other Realms based on its own discrimination, according to its members' will, and act secretly behind the scenes always according to them.

The Brotherhood of Gentiana is divided in Classes where each one of them play a different role for the success of the organization. Class of Romance, which you are invited to join, is composed by the Councillors of the Brotherhood and they have the privilege to take part in Threads and voting procedures, whenever it is required, thus influencing and actively participating in the policy that is being followed by the Brotherhood and the decision taking process on matters of great importance. The organization is known to be consisted of Elites and slowly it begins to have influence throughout the entire Continent.

I am pretty glad and honoured to hereby announce that the Brotherhood has shown faith on your skills and decided to trust with an invitation – a contract that needs to be signed – in order to join the Brotherhood and be one of the members of Class of Romance. All of you, bearing the title of Class of Romance, compose the leading force of the Brotherhood and for your own safety, your identities shall remain secret not only from the public but also from the aspirant members of the organization.

- It is essential the invitations to potential members of the Brotherhood to be discussed within the Brotherhood before being handled out.
- None of you is allowed to leave the Brotherhood without permission from the Brotherhood and the penalty for doing so shall be decided by the Class of Gentiana.
- You are NOT permitted to reveal anything concerning the Brotherhood or/and your membership to anyone. Even if someone claims to know everything or/and accuse you of anything, you need ALWAYS to deny the existence of the Brotherhood. If you fail to do so and/or if the organisation is under threat, it may be needed action to be taken by the Class of Gentiana, sometimes even against you.
- Treason equals with death. Non negotiable. Deliberate exposure of the Brotherhood or/and revelation of important information, such as names, plans and missions, is not going to be tolerated and will be dealt mercilessly.

From now on, You are considered a Brother/Sister,

(signature here)

By this signature I, (put your code name here), confirm my membership to the Class of Romance of the Brotherhood of Gentiana fully comprehending and abiding to the rules as mentioned above, and I swear to always strive for the best interest of the organization with great caution and with no intention of impairment against it.

PS: In order your identities to remain secret, it is essential to use code names. You are free to choose your code name at your own will. Aspirant members will not be aware of them and it shall be our unique way of communication.