Ucdauh's Book of Glinmar

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Type Book
Discovered By Giles
Discovery Date 20 December 2007
Discovery Location Glinmar, East Continent
Abilities (unknown)
Current Owner (unknown)


Giles found himself adventuring in Glinmar of Sirion. He rarely thought about the Amcathra family and how they had scorned him from birth. He had much more interesting things to think about. Being an adventurer was a dangerous life, but it had several perks. He'd already made a few friends. One of them was even a noble, the kind and enlightened Richard I Expatriate, Count of Dolmbar. Giles and Warren, his other friend, loved to take turns hunting undead and monsters. Each would leave notes to the other about where he had last seen a group of nasty creatures. But that's not how Giles found Ucdauh's Book of Glinmar.

After a long day of lazying about, Giles decided it was time for adventure! He spoke with a few peasants and discovered that the land of Glinmar definitely had an undead problem. Fearlessly, he wandered the coast and grasslands looking for bands of undead. He found a few. After they were nothing but dust, he found a small army of undead. They surrounded him and thought to take his life and perhaps making him into a new shambling horror. But it was not to be so! Giles spotted what looked like a champion among them. He boldly taunted the strongest and smartest of them. It laughed and sent the small horde into battle. Giles twisted and lept and struck and slayed the champions minions. The undead lord did not look happy. He strode forth and brandished a staff at Giles with a menacing hate that only the undead convey. The human hero ducked and dodged. Having worked so hard to defeat the minor undead, Giles really began to sweat and his muscles burned with exertion. Using all the skill he had, Giles struck his foe a mighty blow, leaving nothing of the champion but a pile of bones. After searching the bodies, he found a nice pocket of gold and Ucdauh's Book of Glinmar.

Giles and Ucdauh's Book of Glinmar

Opening the tomb, Giles marveled at the contents. Beautiful sketches and drawings of the coast and the sea lept at him from the pages. Amidst the wondrous artwork were several essays. He perused one on the benefits of the sea and how the tide seems to be related to peasant population. Not understanding what he was reading, he left the other essays to continue looking at the drawings. He glimpsed strange and lovely sea creatures, a storm at sunset, a beautiful peasant woman, the perfection of a leaf, and many other sketches. Each drawing was so spectacular and lifelike, that he wondered if magic hadn't been employed to create them. Whoever Ucdauh was, he admired his surrounds and he loved to study. Giles fell asleep on the beach reading another essay about crop rotation and how to plant wheat to yield the best harvest.