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Avamar: The Cultural Capital of East Continent!

Welcome!Here you may learn about the biggest and most successfull Cultural Company of East Continent.

"Doc-umentaries" C.C.

(founded by Amraedil Abandonas and Paris Lowenbruck, partner Esperos Lowenbruck)

Biggest Successes...

What is believed...

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What really is...

The People's Republic of Avamar has a long history in cultural issues! Since the forming of the Republic of Avamar there had been a cultural drought in the whole region of former USS (United States of Sirion). However, shortly after the glorious day that the old tyrrants were overthroned, the first spark of a cultural renaisance appeared within the darkness. The first issue of Avamar Times was published in October with great success! Shortly after, a series of events transformed Avamar from a poor city, led to a barbaric state after years of corruption by its elfish leaders, to a bright gem, the centre of Culture in the whole Continent!

The first theatrical play, "The Great Dictator" became a great success and soon the sequel was released. It was named "The Great Doctator" after the name of its main character and Prime Minister of Sirion, Mr.Doc. Sir Amraedil, wrote the music for the first act of the play. It was accepted with great enthusiasm by Oligarchians, Avamarians and Sirionites.

Sir Amraedil was inspired by the glorious victory of the People's Army against Sirionites in the region of Elmbar, homeland of many noble Avamarians,when he wrote the first act.

After the success of the first act of the play, Sir Paris decided to unite his skills with Amraedil's and form the first band/theatrical/cultural/drama company in the People's Republic of Avamar. As Sir Paris put in this joyful day:

"Avamarian People and Avamarian Nobles and Lords,

I am in a very good mood right now.An agreement has been just reached between Sir Amraedil and me.Therefore,I am in the pleasant situation to announce that Sir Amraedil and I are going to cooparate in cultural matters and we have formed a Cultural Company named "Doc-umentaries" in order to assure that the Civilians of the People's Republic of Avamar will be well informed about this mythical creature (Doc) and his achievements.I hope that you will enjoy our plays..."

The "Doc-umentaries" Cultural Company ("Doc-umentaries" C.C.) has made a magnificent start presenting the second act of the play "The Great Doctator", a drama performance actually.

Achievements and Contributions...