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A theatrical play, where the story of Doc (as it is written by himself, offering an excellent scenario for comedy) is presented by clowns, freaks and particularly bad actors!!!

Here is where the scenario is based:

"Doc...once the God of War...The Ancient spellcaster council of Coimbra gave their lives to end his rule...breaking him up into Several pieces and scattering them across the lands...never to be together again...or his might would once again Return...and the world would again be Under his Rule...his parts long to be together again...but the Evil God Teehom constantly makes sure that Doc's absolute form is never realized again...so Teehom seeks the blood of all to insure that the Honorable Elven War God Doc is not fully born...thru the blood pumping in all being's veins...does the world unite as one...The Primus Family are direct descendants of the Elven War God, and constantly wage war against the Evil God Teehom....but always face defeat, being only mortal...but gathering more strength in times of peace...Teehom finds ways to change good men's hearts, and sway them to consume the world in battle...and plague the lands with the blood and flesh of everyone...may the Crows peck at Teehom's greatest warriors..the Primus clan will seek ultimate victory..and Peace will be our prize, and the power of our Elven War God Doc realized oncemore."

Poor mad Doc... How could the "the Elven War God" imagine that a story designated for an epic and heroic tale, would give the excellent concept for parodies, stand-up comedies, strip shows, cabaret dances, practical jokes, and other amusing activities that brings laugh even to the poorest and most desperate people?

Especially the kids of Avamar, love the particular part of the most famous theatrical play in Avamar, titled "The Great Dictator", where an ugly, mutilated, low-intelligent, half-orc actor, impersonates Doc where proud as a peacock and always fanciful and fantast, unfolds speeches with words full of bombast!

The genuine laughter of the people of Avamar can be heard even from the Sirion Castle! The critics are saying that the only thing that is funnier than the play "The Great Dictator", is Doc himself and his original speeches!!!

While the successful block-buster “The Great Dictator”, a theatrical play on Doc’s personality and recent history, is still on stage, the sequel is under preparation! Shortly after the last battle in Avamar, the new play titled ”The Great Doctator” was announced. Tickets for the premiere are already sold out, while people from all around East Island have pre-booked tickets for the whole month!