Avamar (Realm)/Doc-umentaries/"Doc-umentaries" C.C. Interference on Diplomatic Matters

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Sometimes,the "Doc-umentaries" Cultural Company because of its cultural knowledge,acts in a wide mental.spiritual world and therefore considers its duty to express and spread important Virtues (like Justice and Trust between others) and to take actions in diplomatic scale in order to represent the stance of a part of the Cultural World.

Sir Paris orders one of his messangers to send the following gift to Tyran Alexi,already "former" Chancellor of Fontan,as soon as possible and to say "The following gift is being sent with the best intentions by the members of "Doc-umentaries" C.C. of Avamar,Sir Paris and Sir Amraedil,in order you learn your fate and try to avoid it!".

After the specific orders were given,the messanger takes the gift and he can not resist his will to find out more about that gift;so he throws a sneaky glimpse inside the package and he sees a beautifull painting representing a battle were a Man fascinating dressed,probably a Ruler,is killed with a lot of Avamarian Banners surrounding him.The painting has a title and a dedication:

"The Death of Tyran Alexi"-made by "Doc-umentaries" C.C.

"Alexi,this is your fate.You can still avoid it by stepping down!With your Actions you have caused the loss of many innocent lives!

Arrogance is not a Virtue to be upholded!You have messed up the whole East Continent with your arrogant stance,either by revoking treaties or by intimmidating all the time of your Rulership!

The People of Fontan do not support your actions and that is why you are in a hurry and act like a Tyrant Warlord!As a Chancellor you could just wait next month's elections and proove us that you represent the People's Will!Stepp down or face your fate!

Make an exception and think wise for the first time,

Noble Paris"