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~The History of the House~

The House of Lowenbruck is composed of many families with nobility being a priviledge of kinship with the feudal lord.

After years of struggle a commoner known as John Lowenbruck managed to buy a respectable piece of land in a realm called the People's Republic of Avamar. After hard work on the field and a serie of good sales at the local market, he made some gold with which he could afford the employment of a few peasants. With time, everyone was looking at him as a priviledged civilian worthy of comparison with the rest Nobles of the realm. Someone could say that he actually fooled the locals and that earned him the title of Noble.

John's descendants were not always being treated as befitting to someone of their stature, but even so they did not give up the efforts to preserve what the feudal lord had acquired after all these years. It had passed a long time before the House actually built the necessary reputation for the bastard-noble John and his descendants to ensure their noble rights. But as soon as this happened... John died.

The entire property of the House was then inherited by one of his living sons, Mortimer J. Lowenbruck, and along with the fields and the vaults, Mortimer also acquired the noble rights for his own family. Having one brother called Jonathan who did inherit nothing from the property, the noble priviledges of his own descendants were removed leaving a bitter taste at the end for Jonathan's stripped family.

~The House of Lowenbruck during Lord's John Lowenbruck feudal lordship - Kinship~

Esperos M. Lowenbruck

Laura J. Lowenbruck

Lucifer Jr. P. Lowenbruck

Lucifer P. Lowenbruck

Edward M. Lowenbruck

Paraskevas J. Lowenbruck (Caligus)

Aeolus A. Lowenbruck

Alex J. Lowenbruck (Eston)

Harumon Lowenbruck

Joanne J. Lowenbruck (Antoza Commonwealth)

John J. Lowenbruck (Highland Empire)

Lucifer J. Lowenbruck

Paris J. Lowenbruck (Avamar -> Coimbraheim -> Avamar -> Caligus -> Avamar -> Oligarch -> Ubent)

~The House of Lowenbruck during Lord's Mortimer J. Lowenbruck feudal lordship - Kinship~

Esperos M. Lowenbruck

Fabian E. Lowenbruck

Laura J. Lowenbruck

Edward M. Lowenbruck

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