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The Heroes of the People Square is the Central Square of Avamar City and here are situated all the statues of the,considered from the People's Republic of Avamar,Heroes.These Heroes had sacrifised their lives in time of duty and these statues have been constructed and situated in this Central Square as a sample of recognition for their devotion and in order their memory to be preserved through the ages and their achievements to be emerged as examples to the youth. These statues now reside in Oilgarch city, except for Darco's statue, which was left in Avamar because no one really was to concerned if it got destroyed.

Statue of General Draco

Looking at this statue one would think the head was much larger then it would have been of the individual in real life, but no. Draco's head was indeed several times larger then average, which many believe led to his down fall (big head = massive target).

As for what the inscription says, no one knows, for too much graffiti has been layered over it to make any of it out.

Statue of Sir Yimelos the Second

The epic death of Sir Yimelos as interpreted by Sir Philip: "Standing next to the fallen Sir Yimlos the Second Philip shakes his head, “You fool, you brave and virtuous fool.”

Standing over the still knight Philip could see the fateful moment replaying in his mind.

His halberd felling men like wheat Philip scoffed at the Fontanite’s lack of even the smallest amount of skill, “They should have sent the training dummies.” Still what they lacked in skill they make up for with sheer weight of number and slowly Philip began to find himself being boxed in.

“I should have recognized the lure formation on my approach,” thought Philip as he parried another clumsy Fontanite swing, “Now how am I going to get my men out of here in one piece?”

Just then a flash of shining steel from the right and the screams of dying men drew his attention. Sir Yimlos the Second saluted his country man before sending another Fontanite to the abyss. Bowing his head Philip redoubles his efforts to carve a path to the clearing created by Sir Yimlos.

With freedom almost within his grasp Philip sensed more then heard the click of a crossbow being fired. Turning in slow motion, his cloak swirling out around him, Philip watched as the quarrel tore through the air towards his helmet and desperately tried to bring his arm up to block. He never would have made it, but fate had other plans.

Hurling himself forward Sir Yimlos intercepted the quarrel with shield raised; but such was the force of the missile that it pierced his defenses and buried itself in his chest heaving him to the ground.

Saluting one last time Philip turned with a heavy heart to find aid burring the fallen hero."

Statue of Lord Itthordaî

"Lord Itthordaî was born in Oligarch, and he was Count of Commonyr, when he met some of Avamarian Nobles. It was dark times then and Avamarian people were suffering under the tyrrany of Evylears, Sceptre, Handow and the other Elven Demons. Lord Itthordaî, was the first Oligarchian Avamarian Nobles had met in Commonyr. A Noble Man of Honour, a Brave Warrior, a Free Spirit willing to offer his life to protect the weak against oppression. He was the one that introduced People's Republic of Avamar's case in Oligarch's council. The one of the very few that knew Black Hand's plan for a peacefull Rebellion. He managed to persuade others in Oligarch to come and save People's Republic of Avamar realm (former W.Sirion) after 2 weeks of severe Sirion's attack that despite People's Republic of Avamar's brave and unique Defence was ready to fall while standing alone against the,then considered super-power of the East Continent,Republic of Sirion! He never asked for anything, he never tried to show himslef as a Hero.

Lord Itthordaî had been a Honourable Ally,a Respectful Friend,a Capable Leader and a Noble Man.His career was full of success as he had been many times Ruler,General,Judge,Banker and Region Commander in Oligarch.He had been banned from his own realm as he was overthrown by a successful rebellion occured under his rulership,however he had returned after a while.He also had been captured acting as a lowly saboteur and thus banned from the realms of Eleador,Old Rancagua,Sirion,W.Sirion,Fontan,Coimbra and Ibladesh (where his sudden death takes place).

Only some time before his death,he changed realm and joined Ubent, a small southern realm that was fighting for its survival. He left his country to support this tiny realm, to protect them from the blood thirsty hordes of Ibladesh and Itorunt! Unfortunately two weeks only, were enough to give an end to his great and noble history...He attempted to kill the King of Itornut (a Paranoic King), giving an end to the war there...But he was later caught, imprisoned and executed by Lord X202 in Ibladesh.

May His Soul Rest In Peace And His Name Never Dies! A True Friend Of People's Republic Of Avamar! A Tremendous Hero!

-The People's Republic of Avamar -"Doc-umentaries" C.C.

Statue of Lord Kitano

"Lord Kitano has made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of his home, his friends and the alliance. Though we wish he was still with us today we can take heart in the knowledge that he was a true hero to the end. Who knows how many hundreds of troops or thousands of peasants have be spared the cruel ways of the Fontanite army by his efforts.

Let it be known that yesterday, in the Battle of Oporto Kitano the Couragous fell protecting the People and the Virtues of our beloved Realm. May he never be fogotten and long may he rest.

-Philip, Count of Montijo

Kitano has died, and for his loss we mourn. But in his heroic death, he has become a shining exemplar of the Virtues, a blazing light that we may see to fight by in the darkness of foul Fontan. His selfless death on the field of battle testifies that he must have held the Virtues very close to his heart: Humility, to not hold the saving of his life ahead of the lives of others, Valor, to not turn from such a fate, Compassion, to care for others enough that he would risk even his very life to protect them, and Sacrifice beyond pale, that he would even lay down his life in the defense of others.

We mourn and remember him and all those who died an honorable death to defend the Virtues and their fellow humankind, they shall n’er be forgotten, and we shall look to them in generations to come, that we might live as close to the Virtues as they did. In their deaths, they have show us full Sacrifice realized, giving their moral lives that they may protect us, and shine the light of the Virtues, that we might see the way. They have died to protect us – and in their Sacrifice, have become even greater warriors than in life, but now they are the warriors of Virtue, heros that will be always with us.

Let the Sacrifice of Kitano and all who died not be in vain: let Virtue shine bright, and may it illumine even the darkest recesses of the hearts of men! Not a bit of evil may stand before the glory they have shown, and in their memory, we will bring the light of Virtue to all the dark places of this land!

- Lady Eilonwy, Dame of the People -The People's Republic of Avamar -"Doc-umentaries" C.C.

Statue of Kai Do Ma

"I am at a loss for words.... he showed true Sacrifice and Valour to continue to aid Avamar in Fontan even though he was forbidden to return. May he never be forgotten."

"Bloody Fontanese scum! He wasn't even doning anything to them. and I bet they didn't even talk to him for bartering for his life. The Body of Zedd there judge will have so meny holes in his body next time we meet in battle they will have to call him the Grand Holy Zedd as they drag his body off of the feild."

Lord Kira Yamato, brother of the fallen Hero.

Statue of Kira Yamato

Sorrow fills my heart as I think of the unexpected loss of Kira Yamato. His brother Kai Do Ma gave his life for Avamar and now... The lifeless body of Kira lays in an Avamarian street, guts ripped out by a still unknown offender...

Lord One, I'd like to propose an investigation. The mysterious death of Kira Yamato, a true Avamarian Hero, urges for a quick clearing of the case.

Sir Lalakis, Minister of Defense of Avamar

(The above was actually a murder committed by Sir Philip Unti. A controversary Avamarian Knight of the People who turned to be a Black Knight. Read more about his story )

Statue of Tzoutzoukos Mastermind

One of the founding Fathers of the People's Republic of Avamar, Tzoutzoukos found a terrible death in Old Rancagua's dungeons.