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Church of Ibladesh
Symbol of the Church

Diocese of Aix
92 Nobles
(Arch Priest
Guild Leader
High Priest
Elder Saint of Tersea
Zes Vath'or)
Sinted Dacara
Theuderik Cuvelier
Richard Telrunya
Aeolus Ironsun

Al Arab
Ar Mosul
Ejarr Puutl
Itor Boss
Al Aquabah
Mines of Isadril
Oc Lu Pesh
Ar Raqqah
awe-inspiring temple district spanning 3 blocks (11)
Magnificent Temple (6)
Large Temple (5)
Medium Temple (4)
Medium Temple (4)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Small Temple (3)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Primitive Temple (2)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)
Small Shack (1)


While the official church was not created for many years, the realm of Ibladesh worshiped the four gods for many years.


A very long time ago the realm Ibladesh was founded it was a monarchy. It became a very powerful militaristic realm; everybody feared it. Ibladesh fought battles on foreign soil because everyone nearby begged them not to attack.

But there was this one opportunity to have a war close to its home. King Panter of Fallangard insulted Ibladesh's King and that would lead to the Ibladesh vs. Fallangard war.

While Ibladesh was attacking Fallangard, some noticed that they had no single man back in Ibladesh. But Ibladesh was too proud to pull back thinking, "who would ever be so foolish to attack the mighty Ibladesh?". The next day Ubent attacked Al Aquabah, Al Arab, and another farmland before Ibladesh could even retreat to defend their capital. By that time Ibladesh only had Ibladesh City and Oc Lu Pesh left. [OOC note: you only needed 48hrs to take over a region]

Ibladesh had to fight to survive for several months. And than suddenly this theocratic realm, Rancagua, offered Ibladesh a deal so that Ibladesh could save what was left of the realm. Ibladesh accepted.

  • 1. Get rid of all the military, the maximum CS the whole realm can have is 1200 CS.
  • 2. You will basically become a trade realm with mostly traders and a few knights for defence. [OOC note: Only 2 classes back then, trader and warrior]
  • 3. You will change your government type to Theocracy.
  • 4. The surrounding realms promise to defend you if someone attacks you.

So Ibladesh the monarchy became a theocracy with a state religion. It was the way Rancagua spread its church at that time.

Six months later, Itorunt broke the treaty and attacked Ibladesh thinking it was an easy kill since Ibladesh had no army. But for the first time in history, Itorunt learned that Ibladesh refuses to die. This is where the hatred in the hearts of Ibladeshians comes from.

A rebellion was launched to get rid of the religion. This rebellion failed as all the rebels were far away from home and couldn’t take the capital in time.

In the end, Ibladesh did grow and they had the Gods at their side instead of their enemies' side. We made them our Gods and those Gods helped Ibladesh conquer all their enemies at the time. The Gods were good for us and so we kept on worshiping them. We stayed a theocracy.

Thanks to Minerva D'Anglos

Our Beliefs

Out of the Republic of Ibladesh the Church of Ibladesh was born. Out of the ashes of war...and the betrayal of friends the Holy Church of Ibladesh was born. And as all things in life do...these deeds of enemies turned friends have come full circle and we find ourselves at war with those we once held dear and at peace with those we once called enemy. The history of this realm is rich and diverse and we seek to maintian that diversity within our Theocracy.

The Church of Ibladesh offers a spiritual path, and a way of being that embraces a number of ideals and beliefs. This spiritual path teaches a belief in the fundamentally spiritual nature of life. A pantheon of gods and goddess exist to guide us on our spiritual path. We have had four gods revealed to us thus far through the faithful journey of Rainna, each of these gods brings us a special gift and dictates a different path…they are Ramsus, supreme leader… Sartan, god of war… Kokini, god of stealth and mischief and Tersea, god of trade and economics. The Church of Ibladesh tolerates diversity and recognizes that the gods work in mysterious ways, often times revealing only that which the people need to know at the moment they need to know it. We must recognize that none of us has the monopoly on truth, and diversity is both healthy and natural.

In our quest to honour our gods and live a spiritual life we embrace these goals….

Justice… it is our path…ordained by the gods to seek what is just and honorable in this world and to uphold and defend these rights for ourselves and for others.

Honour… it is our path…ordained by the gods to strive tolive an honourable life…one that shows respect to the people around us… the land we live off of ….The choices we make we make because they are the right and honourable thing to do not always however the easy thing to do.

Wisdom… it is our path…ordained by the gods to constantly challenge ourselves to study and learn…to gain the knowledge that will help us make wise decisions…to engage in dialogue that will challenge us to see the truth in the world around us by encouraging open minded and fair exchanges of information and discourse.

Creativity… it is our path…. ordained by the gods to recognize that we are meant to fully participate in life and that we are meant to express and share our creativity as much as we can.

Love… it is our path…. ordained by the gods to create a sense of community with in our realm…to encourage a love of each other by fostering the relationships between friends and family with in this community.

May you walk in beauty always...may you follow the path of the gods and prosper in Ibladesh.


Senior Ranks

Arch Priest
The Founder of our holy church is called Arch Priest. Unfortunately due to our long history, the Arch Priest has left us and the Guild Leader has taken full responsibility over the order.

Guild Leader
The Guild Leader is the acting head of CoI. He is trusted with the highest responsibility and has the last word for all decisions regarding our church.

High Priest
Head of all priests, the High Priest coordinates and commands them. It is his responsibility to spread the influence and glory of CoI.

The Prelate is a very important voice in our church. He is responsible for all ceremonial affairs and his advice is highly valued among the Elders.

Elder Saint of Patron God
For every god there can be one or more Elder Saints. These pious people are responsible for the disciples of their respective gods and all members of the church are welcome to turn to them for counseling and advice.

Enlightened Disciple
Those Elders are highly trusted priests, who are send on special missions and act as a role model for all of our brothers and sisters.

Full Member Ranks

As soon as Members of the Church become Full Members, they are encouraged to choose a Patron God. A Noble will devote himself to his chosen Patron God and will be further promoted by showing his devotion. Of course, the other Gods are not to be forgotten and always play an important role in every Noble's life. Obtaining a high Rank within the Church will also increase one's chances of getting higher up within the Realm of Ibladesh, as it shows that Nobles are favoured by the Gods.

Apostle of Patron God
The highest Full Member Rank available and not one that is easily obtained. This Rank is for those Nobles that have shown exceptional devotion and clearly receive the Blessings of the Gods when they need it. They truly are examples for every single other member of the Church and they have earned a great deal of respect. If an Apostle works somewhere, the best results can be expected.

Disciple of Patron God
Disciple is one of the higher Full Member Ranks. A Noble who obtains this Rank has shown great devotion, further shown through the Blessings he sometimes receives from the Gods. A Rank reserved for those that truly have dedicated their lives towards the Church and have aided in various ways like submitting works and providing spiritual guidance towards others.

Saint of Patron God
Saints are Nobles that have shown further devotion towards their Patron God and/or have also aided the Church in various other ways like submitting various works or aiding lower Ranks in strengthening their devotion.

Devotee of Patron God
Devotees are Nobles who have shown devotion towards their Patron God through some way like working in the Patron God's area and/or submitting works to the Church. Promotions are not fast, but devotion will eventually be rewarded.

Follower of Patron God
Followers are Nobles who have chosen a Patron God. Obtaining this Rank only requires a Noble to make his choice of a Patron God known. Once promoted, a Noble can start with his devotion towards his Patron God and the other Gods.

Believers are Nobles who have become Full Members, but have yet to choose a Patron God due various reasons. A Noble is not able to further advance within the Church without choosing a Patron God.

Aspirant Ranks

Nobles that wish to follow the Church will be promoted to the Rank of Initiated. An Initiated Noble will have to pay a small fee before he can become a Full Member of the Church, which is used for upkeep of the Temples and Shrines.

People that are interested in The Church of Ibladesh can always join at one of the Temples. There is no joining fee. People will become a regular Follower of the Church. A Follower is a Rank to show support or respect towards the religion, even though one does not dedicate their lives to the Church.


Official Books

Book Of Prayers
Theocratic Chronicles

Works by Nobles

The Book of Origin by Aeolus Ironsun
Book of Tersea by Aeolus Ironsun
The Origin Of Mankind by Aeolus Ironsun
Lord Sartan - God of War by Sun Tzu Slaymaster
The Book of Ramsus by Siana Deytheur
Introduction to the Church of Ibladesh by Richard Telrunya
Guideline for choosing a patron god by Aeolus Ironsun