Cuvelier Family

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Cuvelier Family
Fame 37
Wealth 9486
Home Region Zawr
Home World East Continent

You said Cuvelier Family? Ah yes, sir, I have a book here for you...

The Family

The Cuvelier Family, originally from Dayr az Zawr now has its mansion in Zawr. They participated in The Dayr az Zawr Civil War.

The Family Mansion

A short description of the Family's Mansion.

Noble Family Members


Interested in Simon's life? Read it.

Prins Simon

Interested in Prins Simon's life? Read it.

Dark Moon

Interested in Dark Moon's life? Read it.


Interested in Dann's life? Read it.


Fleugweiner (in short: Fleugs) is currently on his way from Beluaterra, Old Grehk to East Continent, Ibladesh, for adoption. He is the adopted son of Prins Simon.

Other Characters

There are some other characters with Cuvelier as family-name. Most of them are complete failures... or outlawed persons.

Books of the Family

Beluaterra Travel Guide

Check the Beluaterra Travel Guide to get more detailed information of Beluaterra. The Beluaterra Travel Guide tries to give you a -human- view on the continent. It does not talk about war, but about the normal life of a farmer or a trader. What makes the book so special, is that the writer gets into some trouble from time to time.

The book is written by a member of the Cuvelier Family, however he has no name yet. (Note: the book isn't finished at all)

The Spiritual Guide to Estahs

The Spiritual Guide to Estahs is a book written by an old priest of the family, who died centuries ago. His books remained undiscovered until Prins Simon and Lorgan retrieved it. The book is a spiritual guide to reach Estahs and the river Ziksor.

Guide to Outlaws

A work written by DarkMoon, criticising the commoners and their ignoble behaviour. Outlaws are, according to this book, meat for the Executor. Read the Guide to Outlaws for more information.

The real Player

Simon Willems

Newbie Guide - Under construction but useful nevertheless.

RP death Theuderik

The Grand Wedding