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The TattleMaster is BattleMaster's first, and only, OOC newspaper dedicated to discussions about the game of BattleMaster itself. Here you will find information regarding bugfixes, new features, changes in game mechanics, and probably even a few FAQs and interviews.
The TattleMaster/Articles/NudgeKagurati8 October 2016Test Article, Please Ignore
The TattleMaster/Articles/Some Formatting TestsIndirik11 February 2011Some Formatting Tests
The TattleMaster/Articles/Semantic NewsIndirik11 February 2011Semantic News
The TattleMaster/Articles/Semantic ArticlesIndirik3 February 2011Testing the New Semantic Format for the TattleMaster
The TattleMaster/Articles/From YesterdayIndirik2 February 2011This Article was Written Yesterday!
The TattleMaster/Articles/Another TestIndirik1 February 2011This Article was on Feb 1

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