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Dwilight Daily

In Surprise Twist, Magistrate Draco Dogsbody Reveals All! December 1, 2016
As an astute reader of the Dwilight Daily will note, we have been following events in Westfold after the discovery of a theft of, what appears to be, Lord Grom Leafcutter's illicit ikrif. Shortly afterwards, it was reported that Lord Grom had been forced to join Swordfell against his will by King Rossgyr Shulee when he returned Fatexna to it's original owner. While it could be said that Lord Grom's participation in these acts were merely a coincidence, the smart reader will know better. The connection between Lord Grom's ikrif and his betrayal has been unveiled by none other than Magistrate Draco Dogsbody of Westfold. He published the following comments to the realm writ large:

I am now able to make this official announcement: Grom Leafcutter, the renowned raha (and ikrif) dealer and all round scallywag has been convicted under anti-trust laws of monopolising the distribution of performance-enhancing medication. The sentence, deportation to the most dreary place I could think of (Swordfell), was enacted immediately. That's what happens when people mess with me. I told you that you don't want to make me angry, you won't like me when I'm angry. Now that my cartel owns the herb supply, I've got bad news for you all, I'm cutting supply! So expect a 50% increase in street prices!

There has been no official word from King Rossgyr as to whether he supports the actions of the Magistrate, nor has there been any public reaction from the nobility of Westfold. Those who regularly use raha and ikrif will no doubt begin to feel the pain, and one wonders whether the drop in supply will affect the martial effectiveness of the Westfoldian army. On an unrelated note, stock in a conspicuously named agricultural trading company "Draco's (Totally Legal) Discount Drug Distributors" has increased significantly. Further economic effects from this announcement have yet to be observed.
Comment on this story. by Garimberto Mercator, Editor-in-Chief 
Suspicious Noble Handover between Westfold and Swordfell! November 30, 2016
It may be known that Westfold and Swordfell recently signed a peace treaty, agreeing upon some region swaps. That's old news.

Here's the juicy part!

The local lord of Fatexna, Gildarts Bundeswig, stepped down because the region would be given to Swordfell. Both Rulers King Rossgyr Shulee of Westfold and Imperatirx Mildgyd Barras of Swordfell met in the region. Before announcing the official give-away, King Rossgyr appointed poor Grom Leafcutter to be Lord of Fatexna. Not long after, both rulers signed the papers to hand over Fatexna from Westfold to Swordfell with a sitting Region Lord. The result was an innocent Lord Grom Leafcutter thrust among his former enemies in Swordfell, without any forewarning and without his consent.

Was this the plan of King Rossgyr all along, to get rid of the poor 24-year old Grom Leafcutter? Or was this the plan, an arranged marriage for Grom with someone in Swordfell? Or was it the plan for King Rossgyr to get a foothold in Swordfell by appointing his own Lord?

Details are still sketchy, but this is a surprising act to say the least. It seems unlikely that it was an accident, especially for a ruler as experienced as King Rossgyr Shulee.
Comment on this story. by Dark Master, Westfold Correspondent 
Theft Reported amid Rumours of Increased Drug Use November 29, 2016
A theft was reported to the Magistrate of Westfold recently regarding the sudden disappearance of an undescribed "herb". The victim in the crime was the Baron of Weinschenk, Lord Dengar Soul. The accusations were brought forward with a request for immediate investigation into the matter. Unfortunately, the Magistrate of Westfold, Lord Draco Dogsbody, refused the investigation which prompted Baron Soul to accuse the Magistrate himself of stealing the prized herb. While most publicly agreed that the herb in question was not intended for nefarious purposes, the description of the herb suggested that it was, in fact, Ikrif. After the accusation of the Magistrate, in an effort to appease both sides, and perhaps profit a bit himself, Earl Grom Leafcutter offered to provide copious amounts of the herb, claiming that his skill in horticulture lead to his family's surname. Upon further investigation by Lord Soul, the Magistrate himself came forward an admitted his guilt in this particular crime, but countered by saying confiscation was a royal matter necessary for the conduct of the torture of Westfold's enemies. Not pursuaded to desist, Lord Soul requested that he be compensated for his loss by the Magistrate. As of print-time, it is uncertain whether Magistrate Dogsbody has paid the debt, and whether Lord Leafcutter will be cultivating the unknown herb.

The unfortunate reality of this recent drama is an increase in ikrif and raha use among the peasantry of Dwilight, which has clearly wormed its way into the hearts and minds of the nobility in certain corners of the continent. While usage hasn't increased to such a stage that the nobility might be considered hopeplessly addicted, ikrif use tends to ensnare its users over time. The question remains, how deep does this increase in usage go, and who are the suppliers? Continue to read the Dwilight Daily for further developments in this story.
Comment on this story. by Garimberto Mercator, Editor-in-Chief 
Help Wanted November 29, 2016
Due to time constraints and the rigorous life of a refugee, The Editor-in-Chief of the Dwilight Daily, sire Garimberto Mercator is formally requesting assistance with writing for the Dwilight Daily. In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to squash out freedom of the press in Dwilight, the Editor-in-Chief is being chased around the continent by the malevolent powers of evil. Requests for aid against his foes, namely those who wish to prevent the political news of Dwilight reaching the deserving nobility, have been sent out to all rulers of Dwilight. Anybody that wishes to assist or otherwise submit articles for publication, feel free to contact Sir Garimberto in Westfold.
Comment on this story. by Garimberto Mercator, Editor-in-Chief 
June 9, 2019
Region Taken Over
Tol Goldora has taken control of Demyansk. The region used to belong to Westgard.
November 28th, 2016
Tournament Complete
Blank.png The tournament in Giask is over. 8 nobles from 5 realms fought and drank. It was a swordfighting tournament. Mastraacht Abjur, Viscount of Libba won, with Lady Ellyn Coquard, Margravine of Askileon Purlieus coming in second place.
November 25th, 2016
Hostilities Cease Between Westfold and Swordfell
Swordfell and Westfold have ended their hostilities and agreed to a cease fire.
November 24th, 2016
Port Raviel Lost
Rogue Forces have taken control of Port Raviel. The region used to belong to D'Hara.
November 23rd, 2016
Tournament in Luria Nova Announced
Blank.png Sholan A'Valti, Suzerain Emperor of Luria Nova has announced a tournament of swordfighting to be held in 4 days from now. The winner will be rewarded with 500 gold in addition to the honour and prestige that his victory will earn him.
November 7th, 2016
Ruler Elected
Blank.png Lady Mildgyd Barras has been elected the new Imperatrix of Swordfell.
November 4th, 2016
Ruler Steps Down
Blank.png Imperatrix Arianna Drago stepped down, due to personal concerns
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