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Important Note

The vast majority of this project was done in the days before the Semantic Wiki was implemented. Almost all of this stuff is now obsolete! The templates created for the RealmBox are now used for the semantic-enabled template: Template:RealmBox. You should probably go there and use that template. The exception: Lost Realms. The individual RealmBox templates can be used to create a realm infobox for dead realms that cannot use the game-provided live data feed. So if the page you're working on is for a currently living realm, go here: Template:RealmBox. If it's a dead realm, then read on...


Welcome to the wonderful world of the RealmBox! What is the RealmBox? Well, I'm so glad that you asked. The RealmBox is customizable template system designed to place one of those nifty-looking boxes on a realm's home page that shows all those statistics and information about the realm. You can see examples of the RealmBox in action on the Perdan and Springdale pages. Note that although each page contains different information, different colors, different arrangement, etc., they both use the same template system. With RealmBox, each realm doesn't have to create it's own customized template to display all the information that it wants shown, and none of the stuff it doesn't care about.


RealmBox was inspired by Bishamon Family's request for a new realm infobox template. In response, I decided to create a configurable, modular template system that allows someone to create whatever style realm infobox they want using discrete, standardized pieces. The idea for how to do this came from the Fame Box system developed by Gsklee. The modular approach allows each person using the template to include whatever parts of the infobox they want, and only those parts. Does your realm not have a battle flag? Then leave that part out. Do you want all of your realm's major religions listed? Put them in. Whatever you want, you can have.


This is where you can go to find out how to implement a realmbox yourself. This includes a full listing of the various blocks you can use for your own RealmBox. We also provide links to the block templates where you can find a complete listing of all of the parameters supported by the block, including the default values for each.


This is where you can find samples of completed realmboxes that you can copy and paste onto your own page, avoiding the need to customize a realmbox yourself. There are also links to actual pages that use RealmBox templates.

Preconfigured Templates

If you're not interested in creating a customized RealmBox, we provide a few composite templates that will do all the work for you. Just copy the code provided and paste in on your realm page. The templates do all the rest!

Customizing RealmBox

One of the neatest things about the RealmBox is that even though you can implement it with very little work, you can also go crazy and make it do almost anything you could possibly want. Here you'll find some of the more extreme things you can do with the RealmBox. If you think you have a clever and innovative use for a RealmBox, then feel free to add your own to the gallery.

List of Templates

The following templates are part of the the RealmBox system.

The Sandbox

This is where I do a lot of testing.

Project Planning

This is a place to layout and detail the various configurable parameters for the project. Think of it as a sort of design document. The information included here is mostly my development notes, and may not be up to date.