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House Olik is a fancy way of saying the Olik Family.

It also refers to me, Bob. I can be found on IRC sometimes where I am known as zmobiebob.

I've roleplayed for about 7 years, most of it in a strange game called Nationstates where I was frustrated because game mechanics didn't allow for a consistent standard of roleplaying (anyone could invent armies and there are no rules as to "who wins" or what nonsense is allowed). I found Battlemaster and it was everything I wanted and haven't turned back since.

I believe strongly in separating OOC (out of character) from IC (in character). If I didn't, the Oliks would be much more powerful - Elerik especially, since he's broke all the time. But Gauihu, now head of the family, is a major pain in the butt and wants to hoard the family wealth. I love the character interactions, any interactions, so long as there is communication and interest.

I sometimes roleplay on this forum, usually in commentaries to newspapers and in writing newsletters like Abington First and the Abington Account. However, I do post a lot of OOC things, and I try to mark it as such when the context might not be clear, but I don't always. So far, if I post in-character on the wiki, I am doing it from Gauihu (by far the most political of my characters) perspective.

OOC, I try to get along with all players. I believe players should cooperate to tell a good story and have fun, not compete. I am wary of powergaming in the form of a player trying to win. I am wary when things happen without accompanying roleplaying - such as an execution of a character, or an entire war. It's no fun when the chief "roleplaying" is dead silence. Even if you're trying to emphasize not communicating with another character, you could post a roleplay like "Your messenger never returns" or "Your letter is returned to you unopened." Just to keep the roleplay going, you know? I don't particularly believe a roleplay must be "paragraphs" long, but it should be there as something in addition to the game mechanics actions. Otherwise all we're really doing is clicking on links.

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OK, can still edit this. Some more. I can edit it a lot apparently. I just can't edit anything else. Very annoying. Maybe I can just have the Abington Account and stuff moved to my user page. No, no. That's no good. Gr.House Olik 20:59, 19 August 2007 (CEST)