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So young man, I suppose the reason you are here is because you are not happy with your government? Your leader is a tyrant is he not? Well you've come to the right place to learn all you need to know about overthrowing the government and proclaiming yourself King, Tyrant, Dictator etc.

Planning the Rebellion

First things first, before I let you in on any of my secrets ask your self this question: "Am I sure this is my path?" If the answer is "yes" then please continue. But don't say I didn't ask you to reconsider.

Right, so you've decided there's no way out of this path you have chosen. The first step is to get organized:

  • Start Gathering Intelligence: This can be anything like tax days and how much you receive per tax day, who else does not like your current situation, etc.
  • Read Your Messages: Find out who is unhappy with the situation. It's surprising how much you can learn that way.
  • Start Recruiting: This can be anyone. Newcomers will do, young inexperienced and uncorrupted (until you get your hands on them). But they aren't the only ones you should rely on. Nobody's going to take you serious if you have an army of wet-behind-the-ears nobles behind you. Try some of the more experienced nobles, especially the ones you have singled out. Use messages but be careful. If you accidentally ask a super-loyalist, well... you know what happens then. For more help see Reasons for Rebelling!
  • Hoard Your Gold: Keep your unit, but save some of your gold each week. You'll need it when you have the chance to Rebel.
  • Follow the Orders of Your General: Keep following orders, make it seem like there is nothing wrong while secretly planning the rebellion.
  • Get a Speech Ready: The leader should prepare a speech for when the time comes, as a good speech can sway many minds. It should include reasons why you are rebelling and how things will be different when (if) you win.
  • Gather in the Capitol: You need to take the palace to win, the palace is in the capitol. Simple.

So you have followed all of the advice above. The best rebellions take about 3-4 weeks to organize, hoarding gold and recruiting members. There's still time to pull out... No? On to the Rebellion then.

Declaring the Rebellion

All your organization is done, you have recruited a good unit, enough members to start, got a good speech ready and have about 100-200 in gold.

  • Before You Launch this Rebellion: Tell your members to withdraw all their gold, recruit a good unit (don't need to bother about paying them, they will probably be dead soon anyway) and set a date. The date should be one when the army is away, leaving the capitol free.
  • Launch the Rebellion: The leader now initiates the rebellion and gives his speech. All members of the rebellion should instantly join to show the neutral players the amount of support before the loyalists can get to work.

There's nothing much else to do now apart from fighting battles and trying to convince the undecided to join your cause. Happy Rebelling!

Note: Once the rebellion has started rebels cannot recruit troops. The loyalists can, but not the rebels, so recruit as many troops as possible before you rebel or join an existing rebellion.

Choosing Sides

Once the rebellion breaks out, all the nobles in the realm will have the opportunity to declare their stance as either a Rebel or a Loyalist. They can also choose neither side and remain neutral. Nobles in the underground are not automatically Rebels, they must still declare themselves as Rebels. Nobles who do not choose sides will be considered Neutral, and will not participate in battles between the Rebels and Loyalists. If two family members are in the realm, then only one of them will be allowed to choose sides. The second family member will be forced to remain neutral.

Militia units will also choose a side themselves based on some factors of the militia unit.

The rebels and the loyalists then have to battle for control of the capital. There is a time limit, and if the rebels can gain control of the capital within that time limit then they win the rebellion. The character that started the rebellion is declared the ruler, and the former ruler is automatically banned from the realm.