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"You'll never get anything from me! If you think I'm going to betray my realms confidence this easily, you've got another thing coming!"

The Judge smiled, or at least it was the semblance of a smile. He stood beside a table of gleaming instruments. You didn't even want to venture as to what their uses would be. With a nod to the hulking black-clad man beside him, he spoke to you for the first time since you were chained to the wall of this dank cell.

"Ahh, but it's people like you who make my job so much more interesting sometimes. By all means, feel free to do your best to 'honourably' protect your realms interests. But believe me when I say this; every man breaks. Every single one. We've become quite proficient at extracting information down here. Draw it out for as long as you wish, but I will have what I want".

The night progresses.

At some point, you're not sure when as you have lost track of time, you black out for an undetermined period. Details become blurred as the Judge and his assistant practise their art upon your body. As morning breaks outside, the Judge wipes the sweat off his forehead, and declares an end to proceedings. He has what he wanted.

If you are captured and sent to the dungeons, and remain there long enough for the necessary equipment to be assembled, the Judge has the option to torture you. Doing this will result in a loss of honour or prestige for him, as torturing those of noble blood will always be a dishonourable act in any civilised world.

However, whilst undergoing torture, you may let slip pieces of information that you have received from fellow realm-mates in the recent past. Only messages from before you were captured can be revealed. You may also have skills (like swordfighting) diminished.

During the torture session, the Judge's scribe will record what the prisoner says as a scribe note. This can then be sent on to any interested party.