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Aside from the roleplaying aspect, BattleMaster is also a strategy game, and to be successful in such a game you need to be familiar with the game mechanics as well.

Turns and Realtime

One basic principle of BattleMaster is that it is both realtime and turn-based. While many game actions are resolved immediately, major events such as travel or combat occur during turns only.

The game is also realtime in so far as one day in the game takes 24 hours of actual time. While many events are accelerated, especially food harvests and tax collections, one day is one day in both our world and the game world.

Sunrise and Sunset

The first turn of every day, occuring at 6:00 (6 am) server time is called sunrise. More technically, it is also sometimes referred to as a "full turn", because it includes all turn events.

The second turn of every day, occuring at 18:00 (6 pm) server time is called sunset, or sometimes "half turn", because less events are resolved at sunset (for example, tax collections or elections only ever happen at sunrise).


Colonies runs slower than the other game worlds. It only has "full turns" and while the sun sets on Colonies as well, it does not generate a half turn there.

Server Time

The system time of the game server. Since the game server is located in Germany, that means GMT+1 (plus daylight saving time).

This is the time displayed on the top of the information page. Check there, compare to your own local time and you can see when turns will happen in your timezone.

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