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Crest of Enweil
Realm Summary
Largest City
Food Production
State Religion
Ete City
~2900 bushels
The Council
Supreme Chancellor Handkor Zotral
Field Marshal
Chief Justice
Royal Treasurer
Igor zepplins
Guillaume Chénier
Ducal Leadership
Ete City
Guillaume Chénier
Arthur Quincey
Igor zepplins
Max Moore
Terence Kidd
Military Leadership
Army of Enweilieos
Army of Fengen
Imperial Raiders of Ete
Merkandur Castillo
Regional Map

Enweil - a beacon of democracy in chaotic lands of Beluaterra...

One of the founding realms on Beluaterra Enweil has endured three ages of invasions, and emerged one of the most powerful battle forces on the continent. Light of democracy had been defended through numerous hardships as an ideal always worth striving for. Throughout war and parley, using sword and pen, nobles of Enweil have watched over their realm through ages past, and shall continue to act as an everwatching emblem of vigilance in days to come.


The Book of noble prowess


Enweil is a democracy. Enweil is lead by an elected government. Enweil encourages all nobles to participate in any and all discussions.

Government Positions

Title Role Ascendancy Responsibilities
Supreme Chancellor Ruler Elected Tasked with leading Enweil and directly responsible for Diplomacy.
Chief Justice Judge Elected Directly responsible for establishing and enforcing Enweil Law.
Field Marshal General Elected Commands the Enweil Military and thus directs the Marshals of all Enweil Armies.
Royal Treasurer Banker Elected Directly responsible for Enweil's financial matters, taking care of trade, banking
and taxes.


Each noble has their place in the grand scheme of things. A Knight is sworn to serve their Lord, a Lord is sworn to serve their Duke and a Duke is sworn to serve the Supreme Chancellor. Nobles without an oath owe their allegiance to the realm. They do not report to a specific lord, but they also do not receive region tax shares and can not serve in an army.

Political Hierarchy
Supreme Chancellor

Diplomatic Relations

Enwwil enjoys the benefits of several long standing friends and is currently engaged in a furious war.


Enweil is currently in federation with Bara'Khur and Avalon.


Enwiel is currently Allied with Fronen, Thalmarkin and the Netherworld.


Enweil is at war with the Monsters and their supporters, the Meridian Republic.


Enwile currently has treaties of confederation and facilities sharing with Bara'Khur and Avalon. Enwiel also has permitted Avalon passage rights and has closed its borders to Hetland and Riombara.


Illegal Acts

  • Hanging Rebels without permission.
  • Looting without permission from General.
  • Uncivil conduct against another Nobel.
  • Conspiring against the authority of the Court.
  • Movement, contrary to orders, that results in armed conflict.
  • Disrespect shown to a Noble by a commoner.
  • Assaulting Commoners without just cause.
  • Issuing or accepting a duel.

Laws Regarding Positions of Power

Forging Documents to lay claim on a Region (Foreign or Domestic) must be approved by the council as a majority. Whether or not the noble is allowed to keep the region will be decided by the Council.

Laws Regarding Religion

Enweil allows any religion to be practiced as long as it doesn't harm Enweil in any way. Foreign Priests who do not have permission to enter Enweil shall be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Freedom of religion can be practiced but Priests who do harm or have the intent to do harm are considered an enemy.



As a warring realm Enweil has a long military tradition. Great generals marked its history, leading armies through many Daimon wars, but also against other enemies. Enweilan military is made of two large armies, based both in Enweilieos and Fengen, and a third which responds to the royal houses of the realm and operates as an elite formation for special tasks and raiding, sponsored by Ete City:

Military Hierarchy

Knights are often assigned to an army by their Liege and region lords will often assign themselves to an army. When assigned to an army, you are tasked with following the orders of that army's Marshal in military matters, or to lead that army is assigned to the role of Marshal.

Military Hierarchy
Field Marshal


Since Beluaterra is a barbaric continent, nobility is forced to make constant wars. Enweil is not exception to this. Thus, culture is mainly manifested through aspects of religion and guilds. Newspaper publishing ideas were always present, but rarely realized. History remembers The Voice of Enweil which was discontinued due to Daimon invasion. A new newspaper was started when it ended and Enweil faced the might of six opposing realms: The Glory of Enweil chronicles the unfolding of the war and Enweilian victories.


Enweil law permits any religion to be practiced as long as it does not harm the nation in any way. Currently, Eretzism is the most prevalent religion with temples and followers spread throughout Enweil. Other large religions include the Blood Cult, the Order of the Druids, and Daishi.


(More to come)


Situated in the great Southern part of Beluaterra, Enweil comprises of all sorts of terrain. The Capital city of Fengen lies in hilly midlands of the continent. The heart of Enweil is filled with great fertile plains surrounding the Capital. To the East lies a great lake, on the shores of which the battle ravaged city of Enweilieos proudly sprouts its white towers. Mystic forest of gigantic proportions lies to the Northwest, hiding the secretive cities of Fheuvenem and Iato. In the shores of strict South is where the great haven of Ete City is firmly anchored.

Map of Enweil

Micro Enweil.png Duchies and Regions of Enweil Micro Enweil.png
Duchy of Fengen

Fengen | Drinilla | Ketampkin | Sandlakes | Ulallo

Duchy of Enweilieos

Enweilieos | Lopa

Duchy of Ete City

Ete City

Duchy of Fheuvenem


Duchy of Iato


Imperial Regions

Pequad | Yncaalo | Droxago | Wheling | Uscala