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A realm formed by the secession of Rines from Riombara. The regions of Cjelegy, Ajitmon, and Melegra were part of the duchy of Rines at that time. The Meridian Republic is the successor the the realms of Dominion of Alluran, Irombrozia, and The Republic of Fwuvoghor. A week after it was formed, the Republic took over Fwuvoghor, thus returning the Fwuvoghorian exiles to their home.


As written by Duke Celyn Haerthorne of Fwuvoghor, General of the Meridian Republic and former King of the Dominion of Alluran.

When the Fourth Invasion began there were three points where the invaders began their conquests. In the north-east the undead were found gathering their strength in Qual and were crushed by a swift response by a coalition of realms from as far afield as Avalon and Thalmarkin. They would rise again, but this loss would set them back past the other two invaders: the daimons who left their old stronghold in Jobo's Mouth to attack Heen and the Beasts of Gilgamesh who appeared in the ruins of Jidington. The daimons quickly destroyed Heen and advanced upon Mesh. Both realms suffered due to a severe lack of a co-operative response amongst the human nations despite efforts from nearby Hetland. The Monsters struck the Dominion of Alluran first in the south, whom they easily overran and made terms with upon their surrender before moving on Riombara and Enweil, the latter whom suffered the worst having aligned with the daimons.

As part of their terms with the monsters, I had organised something whereby the monsters would allow a new realm to be founded further north and for it to be protected against aggression by either the other invaders and by hostile human factions. This coincided with a view held by many Riombarans who saw that they could not bear the brunt of the monster's assault and that terms would have to be reached. This has been a very divisive issue within Riombara so that after several referendums it was decided that war would continue to be waged by a narrow margin of the republic's vote, triggering a decision by the duchies of Rines and several members of Riombara to split. Condemnation followed from Riombara who saw the secession as illegal under their laws, but the events had already been put in motion and were too late to reverse. It was mutually agreed that neither side would provoke conflict with the other until such a time as there was room to do so i.e. when the threat of the invasion had died down.

The terms were laid down by the monsters, who were being hard pressed in their invasion of Enweil by the arrival of the daimons and several large scale battles in Fengen. Following them it was decided that the government would be split to share power between the newly arrived Allurans and the Riombarans. However this soon broke down in a most pleasing manner as many took to their new identity as members of the Meridian Republic and those who were most capable were appointed to positions in the interest of success rather than power. The longstanding alliances and friendship between Riombara and the Dominion of Alluran could be seen to have wholly continued in the existence of this new realm, thus the safety measures ensuring neither side oppressed the other were set aside.

In the first few days of the secession of Rines, Fwuvoghor was easily taken over in a single day. The walls were rebuilt and recruitment centres established just as swiftly, so that the northern border would be secure. We are at war with Avalon, Enweil and Bara'Khur, though actual fighting is minimal as we expand into regions that the monsters have passed over and restore them to the care of humanity. I come to the present now as I write, with hopes that we survive the firestorm engulfing Beluaterra and manage devote a fuller history to my people when time allows it.

Main Armies Offensive

  • The Riders of Rines
Marshal: Daneel Olivaw
  • The Golden Lance of Fwuvoghor
Marshal: Sir Celyn Haerthorne


  • The Republican Guard
Marshal: Steven Schumacher