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On January 19, 1010, Irombrozia officially surrendered to Riombara due to the pressures of starvation, abandonment by allies, inability to secure new lands, lack of nobles, the ravages of the Plague, and impending and sure military defeat. The treaty was signed by Hireshmont Vellos as Ambassador of Irombrozia, and Delvin Anaris as High Chancellor of Riombara, in Bolkenia. It was a total surrender of the recognized and sovereign realm of Irombrozia of all existing political rights and claims to sovereignty to Riombara, without any future rights to ancestral lands. Full immunity was granted to most Irombrozians, except a few Riombaran defectors, who were still given free passage northwards. Irombrozia lasted for 1,283 days, over 15 years, never having more than 19 nobles, nor more than 17,000 total CS, nor more than 8,000 mobile CS, nor more than 3 regions. Irombrozia was a dream of a more chivalrous world: a dream which today is no more, yet which wanders on the wind as the spirit of its Phoenix-banner.

Kings and Queens

Admired Rulers of Irombrar

1. Guthrieman I "the Magnificent" - August 9, 1003 to August 13, 1003(deposed during Rines/Irombrar realm merger, due to his resistance of the merger)

Sunrise Kings/Queens of Irombrozia

1. Marc I "the Eternal" - July 15, 1006 to August 6, 1006(assaulted)
2. Baiko I "the Beautiful" - August 6, 1006 to August 12, 1006(kidnapped)
3. Marc I "the Eternal" - August 12, 1006 to December 19, 1006(executed)
4. Hireshmont I "the Great" and Retravic I "the Northerner" - December 20, 1006 to April 7, 1007(deported) and January 1, 1007 to March 25, 1009 (retired)
5. Baiko I "the Beautiful" - April 8, 1007 to May 21, 1007 (did not assume the throne, ruled as Regent, stepped down due to illness)
6. Torrero I "the Thoughtful" - May 22, 1007 to May 23, 1007 (stepped down due to election error)
7. Renee I "the Swift" - May 23, 1007 to August 23, 1007(stepped down due to exhaustion with the post)
8. Hireshmont I "the Great" - August 24, 1007 to March 25, 1009 (with Retravic; stepped down)
9. Anselm I "the Conqueror" - March 26, 1009 to August 27, 1009 (stepped down due to exhaustion and political reasons)
10. Scurtingbord I "the Swift" - August 28, 1009 to January 19, 1010 (surrender of Irombrozia)

First Lances

1. Slomcha "the Bold" - July 23, 1006 to August 28, 1006(killed in battle)
2. Latronis "the Loyal" - August 28, 1006 to September 22, 1006(foreign leave)
3. Marc "the Eternal" - September 23, 1006 to September 29, 1006(stepped down)
4. Ascensia "the Wild" - September 29, 1006 to November 10, 1006(stepped down)
5. Hireshmont "the Great" - November 11, 1006 to December 22, 1006(stepped down)
6. Renee "the Swift" - December 22, 1006 to July 20, 1007(stepped down)
7. Hireshmont "the Great" - July 20, 1007 to August 18, 1007(stepped down due to failed Crusade)
8. Baiko "the Beautiful" - August 19, 1007 to March 18, 1008 (stepped down due to conflict of interests)
9. Scurtingbord "the Swift" - March 19, 1008 to May 15, 1008 (foreign leave)
10. Thyk "the Well-Blooded" - May 16, 1008 to October 9, 1008 (foreign leave)
11. Anselm "the Conqueror" - October 10 to March 29, 1009 (stepped down due to Coronation)
12. Lestat "the Avenged" - March 30, 1009 to May 26, 1009 (killed in battle)
13. Anselm "the Conqueror" - May 27, 1009 to July 24, 1009 (stepped down)
14. Eckosaber "the Younger" - July 25, 1009 to January 1, 1010 (killed by the Plague)

Royal Arbiters

1. Marc "the Eternal" - July 15, 1006 to August 6, 1006(assaulted)
2. Hireshmont "the Great" - August 6, 1006 to November 11, 1006(stepped down to become King)
3. Baiko "the Beautiful" - November 12, 1006 to April 8, 1007(stepped down to become Queen)
4. Envirgar "the Wealthy" - April 12, 1007 to May 15, 1007(abdicated and left the realm)
5. Fenrisulf "the Alowcan" - May 17, 1007 to Present(abdicated due to capture, then emigrated)
6. Torrero "the Thoughtful" - October 7, 1007 to October 10, 1007 (stepped down)
7. Kazm "the Humble"- October 11, 1007 to February 17, 1008 (assaulted)
8. Hireshmont "the Great"- February 17, 1008 to March 12, 1008 (stepped down)
9. Baiko "the Beautiful" - March 13, 1008 to December 21, 1008 (stepped down)
10. Scurtingbord "the Swift" - December 21, 1008 to August 28, 1009 (stepped down to become King)
11. Meridius "the Prince" - August 29, 1009 to December 12, 1009 (retired)
12. Alair "the Riombaran" - December 18, 1009 to January 19, 1010 (surrender of Irombrozia)

Royal Treasurers

1. Hireshmont "the Great" - July 22, 1006 to August 1, 1006(foreign leave/autopause)
2. Torrero "the Thoughtful" - August 1, 1006 to August 12, 1006(wounded)
3. Palance "the Reformer" - August 12, 1006 to September 22, 1006(foreign leave)
4. Marc "the Eternal" - September 23, 1006 to September 28, 1006(stepped down)
5. Kazm "the Humble" - September 28, 1006 to April 14, 1007(captured)
6. Destruidor/Alioth "the Worker" - April 16, 1007 to May 12, 1007(captured)
7. Hireshmont "the Great" - May 16, 1007 to June 9, 1007 (foreign leave)
8. Destruidor/Alioth "the Worker" - June 9, 1007 to August 9, 1007(stepped down)
9. Hireshmont "the Great" - August 31, 1007 to October 2, 1007 (stepped down)
10. Kazm "the Humble"- October 10, 1007 to February 17, 1008 (emigrated)
11. Hireshmont "the Great"- February 17, 1008 to June 19, 1008 (stepped down)
12. Iskaban "the Constant" - June 20, 1008 to July 11, 1009 (foreign leave)
13. Loreldine "the Traveller" - July 12, 1009, to September 16, 1009 (retired).
14. Vicious "the Silent" - September 16, 1009 to January 1, 1010 (killed by the Plague)

Grand Dukes

1. Marc "the Eternal" - July 15, 1006 to August 6, 1006(assaulted)
2. Torrero "the Thoughtful" - August 12, 1006 to August 12, 1007 (captured in battle)
3. a void in "the Loyal" - August 16, 1007 to October 4, 1007 (committed suicide)
4. Destruidor/Alioth "the Worker" - October 10, 1007 to September 9, 1008 (foreign leave)
5. Anselm "the Conqueror" - September 10, 1008 to March 28, 1009 (stepped down due to Coronation)
6. Torrero "the Thoughtful" - March 29, 1009 to November 5, 1009 (retired)
7. Alair "the Riombaran" - November 6, 1009 to January 19, 1010 (surrender of Irombrozia)

Counts of Bolkenia

1. Gwinevere "the Capable" - September 26, 1006 to May 5, 1007 (deported)
2. a void in "the Loyal" - Unknown to Unknown(region captured)

Barons of Rii

1. Scurtingbord "the Swift" - (unsure) to (unsure) (Region lost)
2. Scurtingbord "the Swift" - February 4, 1007 to (unsure) (Region Lost)
3. Myst "the Capricious" - June 9, 1009 to June 14, 1009 (stepped down)
4. Hireshmont "the Great" - June 15, 1009 to September 16, 1009 (region lost)

Counts of Cagamir

1. Marc "the Eternal" - (unsure) to December 19, 1006 (executed)
2. Dionysus "the Brewer" - April 10, 1007 to November 1007 (pressured to leave realm)
3. Ascensia "the Flaming"- November 1007 to December 1007 (lost region)

Marquess of Ruefillo

1. Torrero "the Thoughtful" - January 1008 to December 22, 1008 (region handed over to Riombara as per treaty)
2. Baiko "the Beautiful" - May 27, 1009 to July 10, 1009 (killed in battle)
3. Meridius "the Prince" - July 11, 1009 to August 17, 1009 (captured)
4. Eckosaber "the Younger" - August 18, 1009 to September 3, 1009 (region lost)

Viscounts of Glongin

1. Kazm "the Humble"- February 2, 1008 to March 1, 1008
2. Gwylan "the Fronenian" - March 2, 1008 to May 27, 1008 (joined Riombara as per treaty)


Literature, Documents, and Institutions

Regions Making Up the Irombrozian Cultural Region

The "Irombrozian Cultural Region" are the regions east of the Eno River, and south of Ardmore or Avengmil. Sometimes Ardmore and/or Glongin are included, however, their proximity to Grehk, and their frequent use as a conduit for large armies and as major trade routes, have caused their culture to be largely different. The Five regions of the Irombrozian Cultural Region all share certain qualities. Their natural hub of trade is Irombro (though many Bolkenians do trade in Eno, especially with current Alluranian control of the region). Their dominant religion is Qyrvaggism (though Alluranism has a substantial following in Bolkenia). They are predominantly farmers, though the freemen (those not in serfdom) are frequently traders or horse-breeders and horse-traders. This area is internationally known for it's fabulous horses. Due to the size of the horse business, it is not unheard of for serfs to have horses, and for nobles to have a dozen or so. They are numerous and cheap here, while in many foreign lands they are expensive. The people in this area are also fiercely independent, showing a history of unwillingness to bend to any foreign authority. While Irombro itself has a substantial portion of the population, the area could be characterized as primarily agrarian. Even in Irombro, many of the people reside in the fields around the city, not the city itself, and within the city, gardens are a common sight. Irombro itself is a fiercely patriotic city, frequently having parades and celebrations to commemorate days in Irombrozia's history, or various Qyrvaggian holidays.

  • Irombro - our Capital, and home of many important shrines, commemorative monuments, and other things regarding the Kingdom of Irombrozia. currently belonging to Irombrozia
  • Bolkenia - One of the original regions of Irombrozia, an important cultural center for religion, agriculture, and the horse business. (Also home of the Founding Temple of Qyrvaggism) currently belonging to Kingdom of Alluran
  • Rii - Another region that borders our capital, one of Irombrozia's original regions, site of many shrines, family members, and Slomcha's death; currently belonging to Irombrozia
  • Rueffilo - A rich and strategically placed region which became Irombrozian during the Third Invasion by a treaty, then was returned under the terms of the treaty, and has since been reconquered; currently belonging to Irombrozia
  • Cagamir - Southern breadbasket region, a major center for the horse business.; currently belonging to Kingdom of Alluran
  • Glongin - Northernmost holding of Irombrozia, gotten during Third Invasion, major breadbasket, but has since been returned to Riombara; "currently belonging to Riombara

Note: This is not a list of Irombrozia's regions... these are regions which are part of the Irombrozian cultural area, an area largely populated by people of similar traditions, beliefs, and ways of life.


Realm Relationship Reasoning
Avalon Alliance We are allied with them. Historically, they have been an enemy, but the current war has made allies of old foes.
Bara'khur Alliance The inheritor of the fallen tradition of Khthon, we have found their courage not lacking, and they have become our allies.
Enweil Alliance Once an enemy, now a friend. Enweil has always treated us with respect, and we hope to be able to continue that relationship.
Fronen Alliance Old Fronen was an enemy of Irombrozia because of their alliance to Riombara; but the new Fronen is a friend of Enweil, and thus our friend.
Heen Peace Long an ally of Irombrozia, the distance between us and divergent policy paths have caused that ancient federation to decay. But we still see Heen as a true friend.
Hetland Neutral Once a friend due to their relationship tp the Republic of Fwuvoghor, we are now cool towards Hetland, lest they should attack Enweil.
Kingdom of Alluran Neutral We have warred in the past, but hoped for our anti-daimon alliance to last. Unfortunately, the war with Riombara ended that; but we still have no feud with the Kingdom, and hope to preserve the peace.
Melhed Neutral Not at war, not really concerned with each other... there is currently an attempt to foster good relations with Melhed.
Mesh Peace Far away, no real reason to fight with them.
Old Grehk Peace They seem like good chaps.
Riombara War Our mother-nation, who we wish wouldn't try to kill us all the time, but, instead, would let us live. We have been at war several times, and have been close allies and friends several times. Currently, we are at war, but we wish for our friendship to be restored.
Sint Peace Peace because we have no reason to fight each other.
Thalmarkin Peace Peace, largely because theya re so far away, there's no reason for us to have any animosity with them.