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As a region commander, you have been elevated to the ranks of landed nobility. Appointed by your ruler or duke, you are given responsibility for the well-being of the region under your control.


When a region commander is in residence, many options are available, for various tasks. In their own domain, region commanders act as ruler, judge, general, and banker: a considerable amount of power, if used wisely. Commanders are the only ones who can build anything, except priests.

Return lordship

You can step down from your position, at the cost of 1 point of prestige and 1 point of honor. You must give a reason for doing so.

Region Description

You may review or update your region's description. You can also see the descriptions of neighboring regions, so you can make yours look similar.


The commander is able to hold court in his/her region, as the primary method of influencing the population. The commander also has a certain level of control over food distribution and the local warehouse.


There are two main elements to defense of a region: fortification and militia. Those regions which can support fortification do so entirely at the expense of the region commander. The commander must build the fortification in sections, and must pay to rebuild the fortifications as they degrade.

Region commanders also have the ability to dismiss militia which have been placed in their regions by others. Region lords are able to directly hire militia from the recruitment centres of their own and physically adjacent regions.

Draft Recruits

You can force your Recruitment Centres to draft extra troops. Note that doing so will result in morale and control drops for the region, and that you cannot hold court on the same day as a draft, meaning that you may want to have a courtier in the region to perform some police or civil work to help restore control more quickly.


All of the buildings which can be built, are built by (and at the expense of) the region commander. However, religions can take begin to take root in regions; it is up to the region commander whether he wishes to see shrines to gods he may not believe in dotted all over his region.


A Tournament Grounds, which can only be built in a city or stronghold, is required to hold a tournament.

Army Sponsorship

Army Sponsorship You may found or manage your armies.

Tips for Managing a Region

  • Keep taxes at the 'normal' level--where the game tells you "some peasants complain about high taxes".
  • When possible add militia to the region, mixed infantry can be particularly good at killing monsters.
  • Also take care on managing the shrine or temple of the region. DO NOT sack or close it, if you want to keep the region stats well.
  • However, you could well say "heathens be damned!" and burn the thing down with reckless joy. The damage is proportionate to the amount of believers there are, but is a problem anyway if you do not have the same religion as your people.