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No matter the Government System, every realm in BattleMaster is ruled by a four-member government. These various positions and their responsibilities are described below. Also to become one, you need at least 20 honour and 10 prestige.


Holding the most important position in the realm, the ruler has great responsibility. His/Her main responsibility is diplomacy, dealing with the rulers of other realms. Depending on the type of government, he/she might have other responsibilities, such as appointing other positions. Rulers can change the descriptive name of the realm, move the capital if needed, change appointment/election settings for all four government positions, OOC Ban players, and Exile those they cannot stand.

Rulers appoint Dukes.


The General is the authority for organising the overall military strategy of the realm. Within the realm, there may be one or more armies, each one under the command of a Marshal, assisted by his Second-in-Command. The General produces the strategy, and sees to it that his Marshals organise their armies to implement it.

It is important to understand the difference between the General and a Marshal.

The Marshal organises the nobles of his army, and gives military orders. These may vary from line settings for battle, to movement orders, to suggested units to recruit.

The General keeps overall responsibility for all armies, and gives them military strategy and direction. He does not order the individual troop leaders, delegating this to the Marshals. It could be the General's role to decide which regions to try to take over, or which to loot. He might decide the goals and the outline of a plan to attack another realm, but would leave the exact details to the Marshal. The General could also be involved in organising region militia.

A good essay on the division of responsibilities between marshals and generals can be found here: Command Hierarchy.

Choosing to recruit a specific type of unit is one of a troop leader's inalienable rights. However, many Generals offer suggestions on what are good units, and request a message if any troop leader has any inquiries.

Be aware that choosing what type of unit to recruit is one of a noble's inalienable rights in Battlemaster. Anyone who gives you orders about choosing what type of unit to recruit should be reported to the Titans or Magistrates.


The judge of a realm is responsible for the internal matters and discipline in the realm.

His/Her responsibilities include:


The banker is the expert in financial matters, taking care of trade, banking and taxes. The Banker also prepares the Banker Bulletin for the realm, to inform people about such matters.

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