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Fortifications give a defensive bonus to the defender side of a battle, and can be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. They can be overcome and damaged by enemy siege equipment. They can also be damaged by enemy troops occupying a region using the raze fortifications command, and conversely repaired by region lords.

Levels of Fortifications

There are several levels of fortifications, each with progressively stronger defenses. As the level of fortification gets higher, each subsequent level is more expensive and takes longer to construct. Repairs, as well, are more costly at higher levels.

  • Level 1: Palisades (Can be built in mountain, townsland, city, and stronghold regions.)
  • Level 2: Motte and Bailey (Level 2 available to townsland, city, and stronghold regions.)
  • Level 3: Keep (Level 3 and better fortifications are available in city and stronghold regions.)
  • Level 4: Stronghold
  • Level 5: Fortress
  • Levels 6: Citadel (available in stronghold regions only.)

A fortification can be reduced in level through sufficient damage. It is possible to reduce one fortification level in a large battle.


Fortifications are constructed by region lords. This is done by by building "blocks" of fortifications. Only one block may be built per turn. The number of blocks required, and the cost of each block, depends on several factors such as region population and the level of fortifications being built. As the level of fortifications goes up, so does the number of blocks, the cost of each block, and the time required to build the block. Once level 5 fortifications are reached, the cost of additional levels rises dramatically.

Note: It used to be possible to build Level 1 and 2 fortifications in rural and badlands regions also, so some of these regions may have existing fortifications that were built under old rules. Existing fortifications in these areas will remain, but new fortifications may no longer be built, and existing fortifications cannot be improved. If a rural or badlands region has existing fortifications, they are permanently lost if destroyed.