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Throughout your realm, various buildings, workshops and other craftsmen offer their services to you and your unit. Cities especially often contain many different buildings that you can put to use. The prices shown for constructing each type of building is an estimate. The cost will vary based on the number of buildings already in the region, the type of region, and possibly other factors as well.

Recruitment Centers

Recruitment Centers train peasants from the region to be soldiers, who can then be recruited in the realm's capital. When building a recruiting center, the region lord can only choose from Normal, Infantry, Archery, or Cavalry. If the construction of a specific type of center is attempted, there is a chance that suitable equipment or specialists will not be found, and the construction attempt will fail. If it fails, then most of the money invested will be returned. If a Normal recruiting center is selected, there is a small chance that a Mixed Infantry or Special Forces center will be produced instead. The region lord cannot explicitly choose to build a Mixed Infantry or Special Forces recruiting center.

The total number of recruits that can be trained and available in a recruiting center at any one time is a function of the size of the center. When a new recruiting center is constructed, it is size 1 and can hold a maximum of 25 troops. The total number doubles each time it is enlarged. For example, a size 2 recruiting center can hold 50 troops, and a size 3 can hold 100 troops. The maximum size of a recruiting center is related to the type of region in which it is located.

Recruitment centers can be damaged as well as repaired. They will be also repaired automatically over time though, if the production in the region is high enough.

The rate at which a recruitment center is replenished is variable. Some of the things that can slow down the training of recruits include:

  • Low regional population prevents recruits from being trained.
  • Centers with higher ratings recruit slower.
  • Cavalry and Special Forces centers recruit even slower.

It is not dependent on the following:

  • Building damage.

So if you have a really high quality Special Forces center, you will get very few recruits per day. For instance, a stronghold with a size 3 Special Forces recruitment center may train 2 recruits a day.


Workshops can be built in regions, the available type of workshops being dependent on the type of region. For example a city can build an Academy, but can't build a Demolition Workshop. Regions have a maximum number of buildings that can be constructed based on region type and population. Documented maximum number of buildings at the bottom of the page. The cost of creating subsequent buildings rises with each building that already exists in the region. Or more accurately, it rises with the total amount of gold already invested in workshops in the region. Also of note is that the cost of a building is independent of the number of Recruitment Centers already in the region.


The prices to build shown below are relative to each other, to give you a rough idea of how they compare. The upkeep cost is constant, regardless of how many buildings are already in the region.


Makes the skill training action available. Can only be built in cities and strongholds.

Creates banners. Cost: 130+ gold, Upkeep: 2 gold


Makes carts. Cost: 60+ gold, Upkeep: 1 gold


Makes it possible to build Demolition Tools. Cost: 280+ gold, Upkeep: 5 gold.


Holds up to 1000 bushels of food. Lowers the rate of surplus bushels rotting in the region. Allows for provisions to be bought by commanders for their units. Cost: 110+ gold, Upkeep: 1 gold.


A harbor allows for faster and cheaper embarking and landing of friendly troops, important for Sea Travel. Harbors can be built in cities and townslands.

Houses of Healing

Allow the recruitment of healers. Cost: 280+ gold, Upkeep: 5 gold


Improves Trade transactions. Doubles trading range. Allows traders to engage in trade deals directly with other traders in that region, without needing to involve the lord. Can only be built in a townsland, city, and stronghold regions. Cost: 140+ gold, Upkeep: 2 gold

Scouts Guild

Allows recruitment of scouts. Cannot be built in cities. Cost: 130+ gold, Upkeep: 2 gold


Builds and repairs warships, used to patrol sea zones. Shipyards can be built in cities, townslands, strongholds and woodland regions.

Tournament Grounds

Allows tournaments to be held in the region. Can only be built in city and stronghold regions. Upkeep: 3 gold

Traders Supplies

Builds caravans. Cost: 190+ gold, Upkeep: 3 gold

Weapon/Armour Smiths

Makes it possible to repair equipment in the region. Can only be built in townsland, city, and stronghold regions. First Weapon/Armour Smith can repair damage down to 37%. Cost: 240+ gold, Upkeep 4 gold


Constructs siege engines. Can only be built in cities.

Maximum Buildings


Population 6,300 - maximum 7 buildings Population 10,100 - maximum 9 buildings