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Formerly the Grand Duchy of Fissoa, the Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa stands as the preeminent economic, political, and military power of southern Dwilight. To her allies, Fissoa is an honourable, fierce friend. To her enemies, she is terrible. Those that believe and uphold these ideals are invited to commit themselves to Fissoa. ((OOC: Game code does not allow a realm to change its name, so within the game menus the name "Grand Duchy of Fissoa" is still used although the name "Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa" is used for IC roleplay purposes.))

Fellowship, Justice, Labour --

Honour over all.

Geography & Climate

Starting with the stronghold of Tower Fatmilak in the west, the Kingdom of Fissoa stretches across the islands of Fatmilak and Madina far into the east of Forland. The sheer size of Fissoan territory means the nation covers a wide variety of terrains including grasslands, forests, mountains, and even deserts. However, perhaps the most dominant geographic feature of Fissoa is the sea. Vast waterways physically divide Fissoa’s many lands and have resulted in a strong seafaring tradition among its people.

Although large longitudinally, Fissoa’s borders do not extend particularly far north. As such the kingdom falls entirely within Dwilight’s South Mediterranean climate band. Fissoa’s weather generally consists of hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Summers can be uncomfortably warm, and snowfall is nonexistent even in the dead of winter. Winter does, however, bring heavy rains to the region which benefit local crops but hamper road travel. At its farthest southern points, the weather becomes borderline tropical. While citizens of these southern regions have become accustomed to the long, extremely hot summers, others generally only visit during the cooler autumn and winter months.

Political Divisions

Duchy of Madina

The Duchy of Madina is the crown jewel at the heart of the Kingdom of Fissoa. Comprising both the Isles of Madina and Fatmilak, this duchy is both Fissoa’s largest and wealthiest. Fissoa’s capital lies at its center in the city of Madina.

Duchy of Fissoa

The Duchy of Fissoa is the birthplace of the kingdom. The lands of this duchy comprise Fissoan territory back when the country was founded as the Grand Duchy of Fissoa. Today, this duchy is Fissoa’s second largest and an important economic region.

Duchy of Drowenton

The Duchy of Drowenton comprises all of Fissoa’s holdings along the border with its eastern neighbors. Predominately forests and deserts, this duchy focuses less on agriculture like Madina and Fissoa and more on foreign trade and border defense.

Duchy of Candiels

The Duchy of Candiels is a purely titular title held by the King of Fissoa. While once a part of the kingdom, the Candiels region was eventually consumed and destroyed by the large roving packs of monsters that plague western Dwilight.

Kingdom Governance

Realm Council

The Maritime Kingdom of Fissoa is led by a King or Queen, and this political office is formally called the Office of the King. The King has ultimate authority in all matters of importance within Fissoa, though may delegate some decisions to either the Warrior's Council, or the Council of Lords, and may defer to them from time to time. Kings may choose, or have bestowed upon them, certain additional honorary titles, kennings or honorifics as applicable - such as "the Great" or "Our Wise Queen." Underneath the King in authority are the realm's dukes and their subject vassals. Most decisions and actions are to follow the normal feudal hierarchy with the exception of certain activities that may fall under the purview of the Crown's ministers.

To assist the Crown with his or her duties, he or she retains three ministers: the Prince-at-Arms, the Prince of Coin, and the High Chancellor. The Prince-at-Arms manages the Office of War ensuring Fissoan military victory over its enemies. The Prince of Coin manages the Office of Life tasked with overseeing food distribution throughout the kingdom. Fissoa’s High Chancellor is directly responsible for imposing the King’s Law upon the land. As the sole arbiter of justice in the kingdom, many view this position as de facto second in power only to the Crown. Together, the King and his or her ministers form the realm's ruling council. Should the King or Queen not bear any suitable heirs, the Crown shall pass to one his ministers with the Prince-at-Arms and Prince of Coin taking precedence over the High Chancellor.

International Treaties

As a signing party to both The Treaty of Southern Hospitality and the Southern Trade Bloc Compact, Fissoa is a member of the Southern League. This alliance of southern realms is dedicated to the preservation of peaceful commerce and to the deterrence of outside military aggression. Currently, the Southern League contains the realms of Fissoa, and D'Hara(Barca having been destroyed) and is allied with the realms of Astrum and Morek Empire.

Military Structure

The Fissoa Privateers

The Privateers are the primary army of Fissoa. This military force contains most of Fissoa’s noble commanders and their battalions of battle-hardened marines. Whenever a problem needs solving or, more appropriately, a few heads need cracking, this vast host stands ready put Fissoa’s enemies to the sword.

The Fissoa Lions

The Lions are Fissoa’s smaller, nimbler, auxiliary force. These elite troops carry out a variety of tasks from supporting large Privateer military campaigns to providing internal security against monsters and undead. Whereas the Privateers are Fissoa’s hammer, the Lions are its scalpel.

Religion & Guilds

Religious Orders

Although renowned for their religious tolerance, Fissoans themselves generally subscribe to only one of two religions: Verdis Elementum (VE) and Sanguis Astroism (SA). While VE is slightly predominant overall, its followers are primarily concentrated in Fissoa’s western provinces. The further east one travels, the more concentrated followers of SA become. SA is especially predominant along Fissoa’s eastern border nearer to the SA theocracies.

Royal Fissoa Verminators

The Royal Fissoa Verminators is Fissoa’s main guild. This organization operates under an official royal charter and manages all common adventurer activities within the kingdom. All professed adventurers within Fissoa’s borders are required to register with the guild. This ensures all armed peasants remain under the watchful eyes of noble supervision and are more effectively utilized in protecting the kingdom. In addition to the Royal Verminators, the capital city of Madina also hosts outposts of the Order of the White Rose and Dwilight University.

Additional Information


Historical chronicles of Fissoa's esteemed past can be found here. This page may be dated as the information contained within is not regularly updated. Anyone with knowledge of Fissoa's history is invited to write down their own historical accounts. This section also contains a listing of some of Fissoa's fallen heros.

Grand Duchy Archive

The original page for the realm in its Grand Duchy days can be found here. This page helps preserve a bit of the realm's history such as its former regimental military system and military honors.

Kingdom Map (as of 5 August 2014)

Borders of Fissoa, 03 August 2014