Fissoa Verminators

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The Fissoa Verminators
Established 17 January 2011
Charter Issued 5 June 2014
Founding Guide Skyndarbau Melphrydd
Current Warden Charles Reding
Guildhouses Madina

The Fissoa Verminators (also now known as the Royal Fissoa Verminators) is an experiment meant to establish better relationships between the upper world of nobles and the lower world of commoners in the Kingdom of Fissoa. Founded by then Viscount Skyndarbau Melphrydd in the Winter of 13 YD, the guild’s first gathering place was a repurposed common house in Munawai. Since then, the guild has expanded greatly throughout Fissoa and operated under several different leaders. Today, the guild is a public institution run under an official royal charter. It serves as Fissoa’s legal arm for the management of all common adventurer activities. In exchange for its legal monopoly, the guild ensures the loyalty and quality of all armed commoners in the realm for the Crown. Visit here for the old, original guild page.

Royal Charter of the Fissoa Verminators

Mission Statement:

Serf adventurers are an important realm resource like food or soldiers. If they are to truly be of benefit to the kingdom, they require a nobleperson’s guidance. Therefore, the Fissoa Verminators guild is hereby named the legal arm of the Kingdom of Fissoa in governing all adventurer activities. Its mission is to ensure the proper leadership and loyalty of this communal asset, monitor the activities of these armed peasants, and maintain quality standards for any professed adventurers. All adventurers are henceforth required to register with the guild within a reasonable period after becoming a Fissoan subject. Those commoners who refuse will be severely sanctioned. All nobles are strongly encouraged but not required to join.

Command Structure:

The Fissoa Verminators shall at all times be commanded by a noble with the designated rank of Warden. The guild Warden may, at his or her discretion, name a second in command to be trained as a successor. The Warden and any second in command must always be a Fissoan noble so as to place them under the purview of the Fissoan Crown’s authority. It is the Warden’s responsibility to arrange the guild’s internal structure to ensure proper management. Guild financing is expected to be through membership contributions from the peerage and is ultimately the responsibility of the guild commander. The Crown and Realm Council are exempt from any funding obligations although their support is always welcome.


The guild shall be responsible for regulating the main areas of adventurer activity: monster hunting, item trading, and reconnaissance. When necessary, the Warden shall investigate if a commoner member has committed a high crime. The findings of the Warden’s official investigation will then be forwarded to the High Chancellor. As serfs of the kingdom at large, adventurers are considered under the realm’s jurisdiction, and therefore nobles who interfere with state sanctioned tasks may need to pay the realm restitution depending on circumstances. Otherwise, any noble may treat a commoner as he sees fit. The Warden may also, from time to time, organize adventurers for special purposes such as tournaments for noble amusement and gambling.

Signed by King Waldor Graves, Royal of Fissoa, Duke of Candiels, on 5 June 2014

Internal Structure (ranks listed in ascending order)


  1. Applicant - This is the designation all individuals, both common and noble, receive upon first signing up with the guild. This rank is only held temporarily until the potential member’s application is processed by a guild elder. Commoners are expected to include 5 gold with their application as collateral which may be reclaimed upon acceptance. Commoners may also specify if they wish to be a Registrant or Verminator with their application.
  2. Noble Associate - Noble applicants are automatically promoted to this basic membership status which allows engaging in item trade and submitting job requests to the guild elders for approval. There is no fee for holding this rank; however, priority for item sales and job requests will be given to noble financial contributors.

Full Members

  1. Registrant - This default rank is for adventurers who prefer the "lone wolf" approach and aren't interested in collaborating with their fellow adventurers. With this rank, a commoner is considered legally registered with the guild and is free to adventure about Fissoan territory as desired.
  2. Verminator - This rank is for those adventurers who wish to collaborate with the rest of the community on activities such as monster hunts. The designation is voluntary, may be requested from a guild elder at any time, and flags you as interested in working with others.
  3. Verminator Sergeant - Those interested in the actual leading of small Verminator groups may apply with the Warden to be designated Verminator Sergeants. Sergeants are expected to be proactive in organizing volunteer groups of Verminators for hunting duties unless assigned a specific task by the Warden.
  4. High Champion - This adventurer is the best of the best and serves as an example for his or her fellow Verminators. The position is held until the holder is challenged and defeated in a sanctioned duel to surrender.
  5. Knight Valiant - Nobility that agree to make a regular, minor financial contribution of 10 gold per month receive this designation and have their job requests and item trade offers receive primacy over non-contributing members.
  6. Lord Valiant - This rank is similar to the Knight Valiant but reserved strictly for landed nobility.

Guild Elders

  1. Coordinator - Lords and other nobility that agree to regularly contribute 20 gold per month to the guild are designated coordinators and may issue basic commands directly to the guild’s hunters subject to Warden oversight.
  2. Grand Sponsor - Nobles whose primary responsibility is guild financing, and thus they receive top guild privileges for their generous support.
  3. Second - A noble selected by the Warden to be next in line for command of the guild.
  4. Warden - The Warden is the statutory noble leader of the Fissoa Verminators who has final say in all guild matters. He or she is tasked with organizing the guild’s internal structure, managing its finances, monitoring its hunters, and establishing all regulations regarding adventuring activities in the Kingdom of Fissoa.

Guild Duties

  • Monster hunting
The guild shall provide a forum for adventurers to coordinate their hunting activities. Lords can readily post bounty information regarding their regions. Verminators shall patrol all Fissoan territory although priority is to be given to financial donors' lands.
  • Item trade
The guild provides the only legal channels through which unique items may be sold. After acquiring an artifact, an adventurer may solicit the noble members of the guild for competitive bids with preference given to higher ranking members. Any noble member may submit requests for item repair or upgrade subject to approval.
  • Reconnaissance
Guild elders may order adventurers to travel to specific regions and report back scout information when necessary. Warden approval is required for any missions beyond Fissoa’s borders.
  • Discipline
When necessary, the Warden or his agents may investigate allegations of criminal activity committed by common guild members. The results of this official inquiry, along with any recommendations, will be submitted to the High Chancellor. The Warden may also request that the High Chancellor confront nobles that interfere with adventurers conducting official state business. For smaller infractions, the Warden will decide what level of internal sanctioning is appropriate.
  • Other
When the need arises, the guild will organize adventurer parties required for special tasks. These instances are to be arranged on a case by case basis by the guild Warden.

Guild Imposed Adventurer Regulations

As per royal decree, the Verminators guild is responsible for setting all legal regulations pertaining to adventuring within Fissoa’s borders. These official rules are organized in an article and section number format below. It is the Warden’s responsibility to post all current laws on the guild’s members only board and keep them regularly updated. It is the responsibility of all adventurers to regularly check what the current laws are and adhere to them.

Regulations for Commoners in the Kingdom of Fissoa

  1. Adventurer Registration
    1. All commoners that take up arms in the Kingdom of Fissoa without registering with the guild, within a reasonable grace period, are considered illegal combatants and are subject to penalty.
    2. Should a commoner member meet an unregistered adventurer, he or she is required to inform them of the need to officially register with the guild.
  2. Chain of Command
    1. Full member adventurers are expected to follow all guild elder orders. Other noble ranks may make requests with elder approval. Otherwise, all hunters are expected to organize independently for hunts and other actions.
    2. Registrants, while not considered active guild members and generally left to fend for themselves, are still bound by all guild regulations and are required to obey orders from the Warden on the off chance they happen to receive any.
  3. Expectations of Behavior
    1. Commoners are expected to obey all Fissoan laws at all times. You are also required to follow all legal orders given to you.
    2. No commoner is to attack another unless in a preapproved duel.
    3. Commoners are to treat those of noble station with the utmost respect and decorum.
    4. A commoner must conduct oneself honourably at all times and not engage in any illicit activities.
  4. Unique Item Trade
    1. The guild is henceforth the only legal forum for soliciting unique item bids from nobles. This avoids cluttering nonmember nobles’ desks with unwanted offers. This also benefits adventurers by narrowing the market to only nobles actually interested in your goods thus improving competitive bidding opportunities.
    2. Adventurer members are expected to give nobles of higher guild rank first option on their wares.