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Stormrage Family

There are two major branches of the Stormrage family, the older noble line which is continued here, and the more recently emergent Clan Stormrage. This seemingly younger branch of the family can in fact trace its lineage farther back then most of man's recorded history all the way back to Raviel the Storm Rager. This branch remained in the ancestral lands within the Cagilan Empire even after the rest of the family chose to leave for distant lands. They are adherents to the strict code of their clansmen ancestors and although some sons have gone as far as the East Continent and even Dwilight, the eldest son has and will always remained in the Cagilan Empire performing their family's duty to their homeland.

The more famous individuals of Clan Stormrage include:

Illidan Stormrage, Cagilan Minister of Finance

Malfurion Stormrage, Knight of Enweil

Cenarious Stormrage, Dragon King and General of D'Hara, Marshal of the Black Lions

More detailed information can be found within the Clan Stormrage archives.

Ancient Stormrage Lineage

The House Stormrage has known little wealth throughout its history. Founded by Herak Stormrage upon his arrival in the distant lands of the Far East. Its Hall lies in the outskirts of the forested city of Talex, in the region of Treror. Married to Killya, Herak bred 3 sons, Kiljaden being the oldest, followed by Ilidan and Ijil.

Herak's mother was a servant in a noble house located in the outskirts of the city of Cagil, in Atamara. That calm girl had narrow green eyes. Her silky, wavy, medium-length hair was the color of cold ashes, and was worn in a simple, but elegant style. She was tall and had a curvy build. Her skin was cream-colored. She had thin eyebrows and her wardrobe was farelly modest. The local lord was known to have a taste for women and could not avoid noticing her. Herak was his illegitemate son, still noble blood ran trough his veins.

He spent most of his youth working has a stable boy for the local lord. He had grown fond of reading and was known to spend most of his free time in the mansion's library. Other of his hobbies was horses, he usually accompanied his lord and his son on the occasional strodes trough the countryside. Herak had developed a strong friendship with the young boy has they had grown together, after all they were brothers-in-law.

After his mother's death, Herak strugled to find a path of his own. His father refused to consider him his son and denied him the right of nobility. Turning his back from his Family he became involved in the underworld. At the time the Cagilan Empire was strugeling with internal affairs and its ruling body, was somewhat disliked. Seeing an oportunity to acchieve his rightfull place among nobility he joined a rebellious faction by the name of Yari de T'lar (translation: Free of Corruption) led by a group of displeased nobles.

But following the disastrous attempt to depose the Emperor, the leaders of the rebelion were captured and later pubicly executed. And low rank associates like Herak were thereby deported to various places around the known lands. And has such was how he arrived at the distant lands of the Far East. Exiled from his Homeland he swore to return.

Settling in the rural region of Treror, at the time part of the great Arcaean Empire, he met a girl who would later be his wife, Ryamei. Following the secesion wars he was appointed knigth of Talex and therethor recognised has noble. Founding the House Stormrage soon after he was now known has Herak Stormrage, his utmost desire was furfilled. It is now for his sons to continue his legacy.

                                           Homeland of House Stormrage

The Family Tree

Herak : Killya

   Kiljaden, Ilidan and Ijil, sons of Herak and Killya.


   Riokotsusei, bastard son of Kiljaden (not yet at noble age)