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Triunism Spread.png What is this thing we call life?

Are we not by nature creatures who disagree and fight over what we believe?

Life is not a matter of black and white but a journey of questions and answers, travels and set backs, all culminating in the final moment of understanding. In order to understand life you must understand her aspects and qualities, this is the aim of Triunism.

Triunism has always been, and always will be, for the three gods have been and will be, as shall be the Brass Golem.

To learn more, you can visit one of our temples in Gretchew, Chesland, Vashgew, Larur, Shoka, Mistight, or Chesney. There, you can look in our scriptorium, and find explanations of the faith in greater detail.

Currently, Triunism has approximately 89,000 adherents, led by two priests in a congregation of fourteen nobles.