Glowing Armour of Strength

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Type Armour
Discovered By Nina Tai
Discovery Date 21 March 2009
Discovery Location Nid Tek, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +3
Current Owner Amaury Capet


21st of March, 2009
You have encountered a sage, a wise man, rumoured by many to have magical powers. He and his kind are the only people capable of repairing and sometimes even improving unique items.

He also offers you to make an item for you, a very rare opportunity indeed. He will need special ingredients for this, and he can only help you if you bring these:

  • Old Ring
  • Crystal Globe
  • Unicorn Horn

Since it appears you have everything needed, you can have him built it, well whatever "it" is.

You hand the required items to the sage and he tinkers with them for an hour. Finally, he returns, with the "Glowing Armor of Strength" in his hands.



Nina Tai held this armour for a long time, searching for the right person to wear it.

After being called to hunt in Ciarin Tut by its region lord, Grand Imperator Amaury Capet, Nina had the opportunity to sell him the Armour. This was in the end of November, 2009.