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There have been few agreements, but Dwilight is a new continent and that is to be expected. They are in chronological order.

Springdale-Morek Alliance

Springdale's alliance with Morek was the longest standing pact between any two nations on the island of Dwilight. There is no time on it, but it is believed that it was signed in February or early March of 2008. It is now defunct.

Everguard-Springdale Treaty

The Everguard-Springdale Treaty is a formal proposal for a writ of alliance between the realms of Everguard and Springdale. It was issued on March 17, 2008 by Fisc Arylon, the High King of Everguard to Neel Arya, the King of Springdale, and proposed a formal relationship between the two realms for the common defense and welfare of each realm. The proposal has been shelved, and is not currently in effect.

Agreement of Valkyrja

Claim by Everguard, and two colonies they'd create, to the northern half of Dwilight. Created on the 18th of March, 2008.

Pian en Luries-Morek Land Claim Treaty

An agreement between Pian en Luries and Morek regarding the land between them.

Treaty of Mimer

The Treaty of Mimer was signed by Deverka Cryfdwr and Alexandra Dwarvenite on August 29, 1008 as well as ratified by the lords of both realms.

Common Exile Treaty

A treaty to organize the collective exiling of nobles considered to be troublemakers. Created in September of 2008.

Caerwyn-Everguard Agreement

There is not much known on this agreement beyond its existence and one proposal. Created in October of 2008.

Codes of War for Morek, Springdale, and Virovene

The judicial agreement was reached between the three parties and covered all nobles, with special sections for infiltrators and priests, in November of 2008. This agreement became defunct after Springdale lost its last region on February 11, 2009.

D'hara-Morek Free Passage Agreement

An agreement of the right of passage for individual nobles signed on January 3, 2009. Grandmaster Deverka canceled it on February 12, 2009.

Pian en Luries-Madina Treaty

An agreement to ensure peace between the two realms and open the possibility of trade negotiations signed on January 21, 2009.

Kalmar-Everland Prisoner Exchange Code

An agreement between Justiciar Kole Kalmar and Inquisitor Amalie Everland (Summerdale) signed in late March 2009.

The Shokalom Accord

An agreement between the realm of Terran and the realm of Caerwyn signed in mid-April 2009.

Ymer's Fall Peace Treaty

An agreement between the realm of Morek and the realm of Summerdale signed in June 2009.

Astrum and Niselur, North East Border Treaty

An agreement between the realm of Astrum and the realm of Niselur signed in June 2009.

Stratford Treaty of December 22nd

Treaty, signed in December 22, 2009, ending hostilities between Libero Empire and Xinhai after the War of Allison.

Terran - Astrum Trade Accord

Trade agreement between Terran and Astrum, signed 2012-03-09.

Treaty of Walefishire

Treaty forming an alliance between the Farronite Republic and Astrum. Signed on 2013-03-31.

The Peace Treaty of Eidulb

Peace treaty ending the war between the Farronite Republic and Astrum. Signed on 2013-11-01.

The Treaty of Eidulb

An agreement between Astrum and Westgard where Astrum loans the regions surrounding Eidulb to Westgard. Signed on 2019-06-24.

Golden Farrow Accords

Peace treaty ending the Gold Sea Conflict.