Moaning Shield

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Type Shield
Discovered By Yallbin
Discovery Date 2018-11-15
Discovery Location Lavraz, Colonies
Abilities Prestige +7
+7% Swordfighting
Current Owner Bavol Gottfried


Little is known about the Moaning Shield from it's original discovery in the Colonies because no records were written of those events, but it is known to have resurfaced in a cave in Nebel of Dwilight some years later, recovered by the adventurer Cedreic. The strange shield looks regal and majestic to all but it's enemies in battle, who reportedly see a moaning face appear upon it's surface that no others witness. The face bespeaks the horrors of ones deepest nightmares and is said at times to predict the fates of men's death.

Cedreic sold the shield to the D'Haran knight Bavol Gottfried.


During your investigations, you also find yourself unbelievably lucky, or maybe fate has something in store for you. You have found the Moaning Shield, a unique and legendary item (Shield, +7 prestige).

Type Shield
Discovered By Dyve
Discovery Date 7/18/2023
Discovery Location Shinnen Purlieus, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +7
+7% Swordfighting
Current Owner (unknown)