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Enchanted Chain Mail of the Vulcano

Type Armour
Discovered By Padraic
Discovery Date 26 July 2010
Discovery Location Helhhir, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige ++4
Current Owner Padriac

Discovered on the island of Dwilight in Helhhir, Padraic managed to track down the monster that was guarding the armour. After days of killing and with little rest, Padriac was able to pinpoint it's location and, after throwing several daggers to wound the beast, managed to bring it and several of it's pack mates down. Looking through the lair of the monster, Padriac found several gold coins, and rolled up and in the back of the cave found a dirty looking short of mail. After spending a few hours polishing the dirt from between the links, he discovered that it was a truly unique and valuable item.