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Western Republic of Melodia
Location of Western Republic of Melodia
Continent / Island Dwilight
Capital Paisly
Largest City Paisly
Government System

Lord General
Lord Treasurer


Hireshmont II Vellos]]
Akeela Steel
Hireshmont II
Zakath Domitoris

Region Numbers 2
Population ca. 4,600 (11th of 12)

The Western Republic of Melodia

Born out of the ashes of the Monarchy of Melodia, the Republic was created after the first and only Monarch of Melodia, Albert de Blanc was overthrown in a rebellion lead by Quintus Scarlett and Hireshmont II Vellos. Lord Scarlett led the rebellion and became the republic's first Consul, initiating a new age. However, he soon departed for other things, and Lord Vellos was elected Consul at the remarkably young age of 16.

Melodia was destroyed by undead and monster attacks. She never grew beyond 5 regions. Her capital and last region Paisly revolted and declared its allegiance to Madina.

Monarchy of Melodia

Historical documents relating to the Monarchy of Melodia. They were rescued from the rebellion and preserved. Now they serve merely as showpieces of the character of the realm prior to Republic.


Melodia's Military Doctrine

The Regal Law of Melodia