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The region of Lurgrod was part of RedSpan for a very long time. Soon after his arrival on 2004-04-25 Eilt Equar was appointed as Count of Lurgrod. He worked on the region by building some of the buildings that are still there. But most inportant was the construction of the first "house of DA ONE". A report of the day can be found here:
On 2004-07-21 Eilt stepped down to become Duke of Stargard. Leonard Enstance was appointed Count after many others. After his death, the position was filled by Philippe Onetimers.
After Philippe Onetimers vanished without a trace the position stayed open for a while, but on 2006-08-26 Adolamin Trannyth was appointed as new Count.

Surrounding Areas

Troops recruitable from this region

Lurgrod Pikeman Infantry

  • 60% Training
  • 40% / 60% Weapons and Armour

Lurgrod Ranger Corps (Rg4) Archers

  • 60% Training
  • 60% / 45% Weapons and Armour

Paraphernalia in this region

  • Scouts
  • Healers