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House Bellator

House Bellator

The Bellator family, originally from Perdan, has a fame of 27 and family wealth of 2260 gold.

Semper Fidelis

The House Bellator is an ancient noble bloodline originating from Perdan in the East continent. The line is known for producing outstanding tacticians and politicians, and takes considerable pride in the great strides it has made since it first came to prominence.

Members of the family typically pride themselves on their ancestry, and are quick to take offence. They are generally honourable, loyal to those they consider friends but also merciless to those they consider enemies.

The men of the family traditionally worship Tyr, the patron god of Justice and War, while the women are traditionally given to Zisa, shaper of the World and the giver of life. Although they venerate these two gods to the exclusion of all others, they do not deny the existence of these. This relative tolerance has brought the family into conflict with such groups as Church of Rancagua in the past, but these conflicts have seldom threatened the family’s interests.

The House traces its origins back through the ages to the person of St. Iestyn the Wise, a prominent figure of Tyrian legend. Iestyn taught and lived during a period known as the Age of Doubt on the Cianic Calendar, and is widely regarded as one of the most important influences on Tyrian culture and morals.

In the spring of the year 7A1741, Weylyn moved most of the House holdings to the city of Perdan, retaining only the manor itself and the vineyards in Beziers.

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