Bedwyr Family

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(OOC note: I re-did the history of House Bedwyr after the emphasis on nobility made it clear that my original idea was not only not correct for BM, but quite silly for the time period).

The Bedwyr family had long lived in Dorton, on the continent of Atamara, and were mostly known for their scholarship. Every generation or so, one would publish a great treatise, and less frequently one would turn to business and act as minor traders for a time, arranging markets for the wealthy nobles of Narville. However, Damian Bedwyr was not satisfied with this, and was the first to seek his fortune in the greater world. First (and only trueborn) son of Gaharis Bedwyr, Damian was tall and muscular, and possessed a military mind. Very honourable, he took his responsibilities as head of House Bedwyr seriously.

Darkwind was a bastard son of Gaharis; a childhood playmate of Damian's, when Gaharis granted Damian one wish for his thirteenth birthday, of anything in his power, Damian asked for Darkwind to be officially recognized. After that, the two were nigh-inseparable.

Another bastard of Gaharis, Arlian was slipped into the family by Darkwind, through a loophole in Bedwyr tradition that has since been closed. He was initially exiled from Atamara, and forbidden any of the normal rights of a member of House Bedwyr, although his claim as a member of the house was reluctantly accepted. He has since been accepted back, after proving his worth with the amount of gold he has raised for the family.

Jenred...was a mystery. He claims to be another bastard of Gaharis, but unlike the accepted bastards Darkwind and Arlian, Gaharis denies ever having slept with Jenred's mother, despite Jenred's tell-tale cinnamon eyes, a trademark of the Bedwyr family. Jenred fled to the Far East to seek his fortune and prepare for the day of his revenge...

Malcolm, Colin and Alistaire are descended from younger relatives of Gaharis, and have been sent forth to build the reach of House Bedwyr on other islands, as well as to fill the family coffers.


Damian was often solemn, but could be mischievous at times. He tried very hard to live down both his mother's family's debt-ridden ways, as well as his father's family's lack of nobility. He was an honourable man, proud, sometimes even stiff-necked, but respected merit, although grudgingly. He was intelligent, but often failed to see the obvious. He loved his brother Darkwind dearly, and did his best to protect him. Damian seemed to spend his life trying (and failing) to fill the shoes of Xuanye the Great. He held himself personally responsible for the destruction of RedSpan and Abington, and later for allowing disaster to befall Stoneville. His time of madness scarred him deeply, and although he appeared to recover, his madness manifested once more with his short-lived secession of Stoneville to reform Abington, and even shorter-lived formation of the True Aristoi Atamarism. He was executed (in a bitterly ironic turn of events) by Aeryn Arete (Arete Family), his betrothed.


Darkwind was less than a year younger than Damian, and worked hard to prove himself worthy of his trust. He had a fiery passion for justice and devoted his life to righting the wrongs he saw in the world. Darkwind cared little for the "honour" and "prestige" that most nobles crave, as he felt that his personal code was more important. He worked hard, in many thankless pursuits, but did not mind: as long as justice was served, that was enough for him. He swore himself to Judge Gauihu, a man he saw as honourable, and the best chance for justice in this harsh world. Gauihu could be cold, even cruel, but that is the way of true justice. Darkwind briefly toyed with the idea of becoming an infiltrator to better root out injustice, but upon learning of the brutality the Darkans had visited on the western lands of Abington, took the Hero's Oath of Vengeance against them. Gauihu's later madness damaged him, and he became bitter and somewhat conniving. Upon learning of Gauihu's return to Atamara, Darkwind stormed his way to Darka and attacked Gauihu in the streets. Despite his best efforts, Gauihu slew him easily. Darkwind is remembered as a Legend among Heroes.


A quiet man for the most part, Arlian abhors war, only fighting if absolutely necessary, or against monster and undead infestations. He prefers to quietly aid the peasantry, spending his time working to make their lives a little better. After being acclaimed a Master of Bureaucracy during his time in Itorunt (OOC: Over 80% skill), he left the East just in time to aid Beluaterra during the horrors of the Third Invasion. He spent the majority of the Invasion frantically reorganizing regions that had been decimated by monster, undead, and Daimon hordes. He has sat in regions for days at a time as the only noble, trying desperately to help the populace rebuild after Daimon feeding runs, which has inured him to horror...As did his time in both Undead and Daimon prisons, and his brief encounters with Daimon Lords. After the main Invasion ended, Arlian answered the pleas of Jenred, traveling to Arcaea and helping rebuild Nocaneb and the rest of Arcaea. In Arcaea, he has also fallen in love with Harmony Kindon and has found what seems to be his true home.


A dark, and somewhat sinister man to look upon, Jenred worked his way up from a lowly adventurer to King of Arcaea. His long-held hatred for the rest of the Bedwyrs is gone, as a result of finding a home in Arcaea, acceptance and trust among friends, and the love of Edara Kindon. His cinnamon eyes now glow with love and happiness, and only rarely with his old rage. He is, to his unending surprise, a caring, honourable man who takes his duties as a noble seriously. His marriage to Edara has settled him, and he hopes to live out his life in his new home.

However, he has no particular wish for a quiet life, and works tirelessly on issues which matter to him. He was the first major supporter of the Akadian League in the Northern Purification war, though circumstances related to the Crusade against the False God-King Tony Saprano of Mosesadelphia soon forced Jenred to turn his attention South as he lead a slowly increasing coalition against Tony and Prime Minister Conan of Soliferum. Technically, the Principality of Zonasa is also fighting against Arcaea, but Jenred (and most of the rest of Arcaea) considers the Pacifists to be of no consequence save as targets.

With the Crusade going well (Soliferum remaining the only active foe, and much reduced in size and strength), Jenred has allowed himself to consider other matters. He now has a daughter, Ashkeyana (meaning "dearest" in an ancient tongue) Aerywyn (after his old friend) Bedwyr-Kindon, upon whom he dotes whenever he is home. He has also begun looking toward a new future for the Far East, attempting to cement Arcaea's place as the new leader of a (hopefully) unified Far East.

Jenred is also known as a more than slightly vain peacock, with several items of importance on his person at all times and an elaborate style all his own.


Malcolm is a wild, somewhat irresponsible man, but nearly as intelligent and attractive as he thinks he is. His efforts in Fontan have not gone unnoticed, and his affections for the Lady Kaylan MacDowell have blossomed despite the danger in her past...But Malcolm underestimated that danger, and Kaylan was taken, tortured, and (he thought) slain along with their unborn child. He has never fully recovered from this blow, with an occasional flash of old pain rising when reminded, and was unable to stand the constant reminders of her presence in Fontan. After a brief sojourn in the Colonies, he returned home to Atamara, visiting the manor house in Dorton before traveling on to Carelia. There, he used his recovering charm and connections with House Kindon to quickly find a region of his own. He is currently cultivating his funds and making contacts in preparation for advancing further.

He is now (June 17th, 1010) an influential noble of Carelia, Count and Ambassador and well-known for his views and abilities. He has aged...Both well and bitterly. He is a subtle, dangerous man, respected and feared. But...He is somewhat more cruel, cynical, trusting and caring for none, except for his fierce loyalty to the people of Scarbran, who won him over despite himself. Perhaps the most apt description was from Duchess Karandras Ulthran who claimed that Malcolm was the kind of man who could "hide genocide behind a speech and a smile."

Malcolm's signet is a black panther outlined in gold.


A quiet man suited to command and leadership, Colin made his way to the wilds of Dwilight. He has given his loyalty to Queen Katayanna Ogren and settled in to what he thought would be his permanent home...Until rebellion rent the realm, and he was unable to support Katayanna in her madness nor the rebels in their oathbreaking. He fled to Beluaterra, hoping to find a straightforward fight against the foes of all humanity, and landed in Riombara on the recommendation of Arlian. He had heard the Daimons still occupied the old capital of Riombara, and that he might win some peace of mind fighting for a cause no sane man questioned...But instead found himself taking an increasingly large role organizing Riombara's military to oppose the expansionist realm of Enweil. Still, the matter seemed plain enough...Until old hatreds re-ignited the war between Riombara and Irombrozia, and it appeared that Colin's Ruler, High Chancellor Delvin Anaris was the cause. Once more, Colin was faced with a Ruler who had lost their reason...But this time, his oath was to Riombara itself, not his Ruler. Colin clings to this with the fervent belief of a dying man as he is forced to play a subtle and dangerous game to try and honour his oaths...However, after a conversion to the faith of Qyrvagg, a defection to Irombrozia, and a position as their Banker, Colin was only able to even half fulfill his duties by sacrificing himself in a duel to the death with Carlos De-Legro in exchange for food enough to tide Irombrozia until allies could come to their aid. Unfortunately, with luck suited to him, the Irombrozians attacked and wounded Lord Carlos, leading to accusations of trickery. Even his death is blemished, but despite this he is considered to be of Legendary status, with tales already rising about the Bright Knight.


Not much is known about this brutal young scion. The servants whisper of cruel deeds, but none dare speak aloud nor name themselves. There are rumours that he is a bastard son of Damian, fathered during the long period of betrothal with Aeryn. However, he is officially a son of one of the numerous lesser branches of the family. After serving as a spy in Darka, and later Enweil and defrauding both realms of at least a thousand gold, and taking another thousand each from his employers, he settled down in Dorton, building a manor house considerably larger and more opulent than that of the Bedwyr family estates just across the river. He now spends his days in delighted idleness, laughing at his seething relations.


A young girl, trained from birth in all the arts of nobility from war to diplomacy, she is Malcolm's (much) younger sister. Her parents kept her from seeing Malcolm as much as possible, which was not terribly difficult as he left for the East by the time she was old enough for her extensive tutoring to begin. She is a striking woman with brown hair and green eyes. Not quite a beauty, for her features are too strong, her shoulders too much wider than her hips, her muscles too defined for the conventional definition. Attractive, handsome, perhaps, but nothing more. This is not a source of disappointment to her, as it enables her to be more readily taken seriously.

She originally planned to join the fight on Beluaterra during the beginning of the Fourth Invasion, but a plea and intriguing offer from Marquis Trager of Dampinn in Suville changed her mind. A relation of his was sent in her place, fighting on behalf of Kenzie Bedwyr in a land of her choosing, an experience which has given her a greater sense of her own importance than is perhaps proper in an untested girl, but she may grow out of it in time.