Anaris Family

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Anaris Family
Fame 45
Wealth 7507
Home Region Askileon
Home World Dwilight

House Anaris

The Anaris family comes from the Golden Forest on the continent of Terash, far across the seas. They came to these lands to find a place to train themselves and increase their skills away from the spreading darkness that threatens to envelop their homeland. Someday, they will return and liberate the Forest from the evil blood-mage Jilak Darkmoon, but for now, they learn what they can and try to do good in these lands. They all follow the Athonlaurism religion.


Anton is the eldest in the family, and has lived in Minas Ithil on Atamara since the family arrived. He watches over the family's home away from home in York. He has retired to the family estates in York now, but he once served as the General of Minas Ithil, and later as a celebrated mentor (he has written a book of the lessons he uses), and then as the first Priest on Atamara of Athonlaurism.

Anton is a tall man, slightly over 6 feet, with mid-brown hair and deep blue eyes. He has a slightly squared chin, and a face that can turn easily to laughter, though it is most often serious. His preferred colours are the blue and white of Minas Ithil, though he has a dark red cloak, and a sun-in-glory emblem of the Goddess Arelien, whom he serves. He almost always wears his sword--a gift to his family, long ago, from the Goddess Herself.


Ariana is Anton's cousin. She came to the South-West Island, seeking glory in battle. She found confusion and guilt after she broke her word to return to Ikalak, and lives in torment after helping Taselak destroy Ikalak. She lived for some time in Svunnetland on the Far East Island, after having blazed a trail of chaos through the southern part of that continent. She married Morthwyl Bellator, and stood by his side as Queen of Svunnetland, until the hypocrisy and insanity among the other rulers of the continent grew too great, and they both sailed across the sea back to her homeland.

Ariana is of slightly more than average height at 5 feet 6 inches. She has golden hair, with more than a hint of red to it, and sapphire blue eyes. Her face is heart-shaped, and her temper often lends it a formidable appearance, her eyes piercing those who raise her ire. She favours flame colours, usually muted, and always wears a dark red cloak. Her preferred weapon is a longbow, though she also carries a short sword for when she must fight hand-to-hand.


Alanna is Ariana's younger sister. She originally came hoping to aid Ariana in the defense of Ikalak, but her ship was blown off-course, and she landed instead on the South-East Island, where she remains to this day. She has held many positions within Ikalak, and was Ruler for some time before being captured by Sandalak and tortured for many hours. Not long after that, she left Ikalak hoping to find herself, feeling that she had lost her own identity in Ikalak. She spent time in Outer Tilog, which was different enough from her usual surroundings to push her into finding her own way and her own self again. From there, she went to the East Continent, where she thought to effect great change, but found it far too stagnant and resistant to outside ideas for her to have much effect, so she sailed on a strange ship that took her to the new land of Dwilight, where she now reigns as the Golden Empress of Pian en Luries.

Alanna is the shortest of the Anaris nobles, standing no more than 5 feet 4 inches. She has bright golden hair and ice-blue eyes, and prefers flamboyant flame colours--bright reds, golds, and oranges. Her face is slenderer than her sister's, and even more susceptible to quick changes of mood: when she has just won a battle, her eyes practically glow with fierce joy, but when she is slighted, her face looks like an approaching storm. With the recent spate of bad luck Pian en Luries has been having, though, she tends to be irritable a lot of the time. She is very good with both sword and bow, and carries both a longbow and a bastard sword, though she prefers the bow.


Delvin is Anton's younger brother. He arrived in the far south of the East Continent, but found it less to his liking, and sailed to Beluaterra. There, he soon joined the fledgling realm of Riombara, which he served for many months before being elected Ruler there. He served as Ruler for nearly seven years, on and off, before retiring. He has been working on a memoir, chronicling his entire time on Beluaterra, which is not yet complete.

Delvin is slightly shorter than his brother, about 5 feet 11 inches tall, with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. His face is much like his brothers, but slightly thinner, more ready to smile, with eyes that twinkle and shine when he has a mischievous idea or his sense of humour is tweaked. He wears golden colours with green accents when acting in his official capacity as a Councillor of Riombara, and red and gold when acting as the Guardian of the Sun, leader of the Sungard. He carries twin curved long daggers with green traceries on the hilts, as well as several concealed knives.


Phoebe was a commoner, taken in by the Anaris family for her aid to them in the defense of their home against the forces of Darkmoon. She and Delvin fell deeply in love, but because her patents of nobility were not fully formalized by the time she came to Beluaterra, he could not acknowledge this love openly. She had a fiery temper, and a deep ambition and lust for power--not only power over people, but magical power. When she became the carrier for eight portal stones in an attempt to close a portal to the Netherworld in Zisswii, she believed she had found her chance: as she activated the stones, she smeared them with her own blood and called out to the Daimons, demanding that they give her power. She was soon taken to Unknowable, master of the Daimons on Beluaterra at that time. He gave her a chance to earn her power: with the dagger he gave her and the skills of an assassin it granted, she was to bring him the blood of five humans.

She interpreted this, as a human might, to mean that the blood must be worthy of the Daimons, and so she sought for those whose blood might please them, not understanding that Daimons have little care for human politics. She was able to stab three humans with the Daimon Dagger of Blood before she was discovered by her realm-mates in Riombara and driven from the realm. She sought refuge in Sint, at the other end of the continent. There, she took the fourth human's blood in a duel at the gates of Old Grehk, and the fifth from another Sintian who sought to have her banned. When she asked for her reward, though, she was told she must seek Shadow, the assassin of the Daimons...but he was almost immediately thereafter executed. Hoping to find him as he returned to this world, she headed for Jobo's Mouth, and was captured by the Daimons. Once in their hands, she was stripped of her dagger and her dignity, tortured time and again, as Unknowable claimed she had failed, though she believed she had done all that was asked of her.

After that, she repented of her evil deeds, and sought only to destroy the Daimons or hurt them by any means possible. This was not easy, and she despaired of ever being able to do serious damage to them, until Daviald Vici started passing through Sint on his way to the volcano. She joined him and his companion Moreira, hoping that one of them at least might be able to harm or slay Prudent, the new leader of the Daimons. But all three were captured, and Phoebe was executed.

Phoebe was slightly shorter than Delvin, at about 5'8", with a slight build, but a great deal of wiry strength. Her fighting style was much like Delvin's, as they trained together. She had green eyes and fiery red hair. Her ambition was strong, but in the end, she truly tried to do good.


Kenarth is from another branch of the Anaris family. His parents and beloved older sister were killed in the same attack that slew Delvin and Anton's parents, but he was much younger than them at that point, and losing his family at such a young age twisted him and filled him with a rage that the rest of the family never really understood or accepted. His Aunt Laitha (an Anaris only by marriage, whose husband was also killed in the attack) took him in, but unfortunately she did not understand how wounded his spirit was, and thus did nothing to try to heal it. So it was that he grew up with a contempt for the world and violent tendencies. Having finally reached his majority, he has left the family home-away-from-home in York and travelled to the East Continent, where he hopes to make a name for himself in the wars he has heard rage perpetually there.

Kenarth is even taller than Anton, at 6'3", and lean but powerfully built. He has loved nothing but the arts of war since he was a child, and so he is very strong. His Aunt taught him the diplomacy he needs to make others believe in his good intentions, even when murder waits behind his eyes. He has sandy hair with coppery highlights, and hazel eyes.