Unti Family

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Letter from Omar
Message sent to Emperor
My Emperor,

Upon your request I have collected all the texts on the period or our history known as the Age of Strife. It was a difficult task, and much of this book remains incomplete, but it should prove most informative.

Your humble servant,
Omar (Scribe)

Thumbing through the tomb a small marker catches your eye

House Unti
Not much is known of this mysterious house. Though few records remain from the start of the Age of Strife there is no mention of this family until the third year, and then it appears as if they were always there. Reputed to be from the east, far to the east, its members were characterized by outlandish ways and strange quirks. In my scholarly opinion this house is most irregular and if not for the corroborating evidence of their existence from numerous sources I'd attribute them to legend and myth.
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