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  • Weapon of Choice: King Marc's old sword or, hopefully soon, Ucduah's Warhammer
  • History:

The second of the Exiled Twins, Hireshmont was born of the same mother as his twin brother, Hanajan. He was exiled at the same time as his brother, but sent to a vastly different place. After a harrowing sea voyage, he was cast ashore in the Utter East. The farthest eastern realm of the Far East, Sartania.

He was adopted by the priests there, but his noble birth was discovered. At age fourteen, he took up a job in the Holy Court. He proved himself dedicated to Sartania, a loyal leader. He was fanatically devoted to his faith, his utter belief in Sartan, the God of War. Mere months after entering the active service as a commander in the Army of Sartania, Hireshmont began to be discontent with the leadership. He found them too stagnant. They did not hold Sartan's ideals in high esteem. He found friends of similar belief, and began to gain a following. Just before Sartanian Forces invaded Athios, Hireshmont announced that he was the Prophet of Qyrvagg, the New God of War and Battle.

Qyrvagg was Sartan's younger brother, and had overthrown him. He and Baiko, the Master of the Holy Hosts, began a great Schism and Defection. He announced that the Church, Holy Host, and Temple would, in time, be moved to Valantia in Beluaterra. The Trial of Qyrvagg began as Hireshmont fled Obtal and Sartania. He displayed a detailed and eloquent knowledge of the Pantheon of Ibladesh, the essence of Sartan, and the events of the Heavens. Sparticus the Just mediated, well, justly. Hireshmont was to be executed on December the 5th, for heresy and blesphemy.

He was to be tortured thoroughly, and killed and become the greatest traitor in the history of Sartania, the greatest heretic in that same nation, the first Prophet of Qyrvagg, and the Martyr of the Church of Qyrvagg. But the Sartanian officials bungled the affair miserably.

Hireshmont, wearing bright colors, going without protection, shouting his identity, and informing his foes of his movement, walked, in freedom, to Tuhpos, where he hoped to be captured more easily. Failing this, he decided that, if he did was not captured by mid-day of the 6th, it was a sign from Qyrvagg to flee with his life.

True to his word, Hireshmont boarded ship for Oligarch, laughing to himself about the horrid innefecutuality of Sartanian police forces. When he arrived in Oligarch, he quickly announced his Faith and Beliefs, hoping to find understanding there, and perhaps conversions, in time. But he, thus far, holds absolutely no desire to cause rapid government change there.

After a few weeks in Oligarch, Hireshmont began feeling the need to try and aid it more, strategically. Thus, in a lull between campaigns, he forwarded his battle plan, Operation: Master Host, along with a few other contingency plans. Soon after the New Lands formed in East Continent, Hireshmont formed the WCC, Worst Case Council, for the defense of Oligarch and its allies by predicting all possible scenarios for the future, and planning responses for them. Soon after this, he was also appointed a lieutenant in the Oligarchian army. In fact, it was at this time that Hireshmont's true political life began. he became a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Chairman of the WCC, and a Lieutenant in the Oligarchian army, along with the High Priest of East Continent for the Church of Qyrvagg.

Following the Reformation of Oligarch into a Republic, like it had been deep in history, the WCC became a recognised organization within Oligarch. Soon after this, Hireshmont proceedd to draft the First EC Heartland Realms ALliance Council Charter, a document outlining plans for reorganization of the alliance group of Ubent, Perdan, Oligarch, and Caligus. Unfortunately, the plan died.

Just a few days later, when Old Rancagua ended their non-agression pact with Oligarch, Hireshmont announced he would run for Judge, against many experienced and long-time troop leaders.

On January 27th, after Elaira stepped down, Hireshmont, much to his surprise(he had campaigned, but didnt expect to win), found himself elected as the Grand Justiciar! The complete results are here: Hireshmont's First Judge Election.

In his few days as judge, Hireshmont worked to improve relations and promote honor and fair conduct between the warring nations of East Continent. He made a policy of releasing traders that were captured, of not torturing foes captured in battle, of not confiscating money, and of working on a level playing field with other judges around the continent. He successfully brokered two prisoner exchanges, resulting in 5 Oligarchian nobles being released from various prisons, and put a plan in the works known as the International Prisoner Treatment Act, which called for the release of traders, and good conduct towards soldiers captured in battle.

Hireshmont didnt run in the next election, and Donna Ragna succeeded him. Soon after, in the brilliant 1st Kazakh Peninsular Campaign, Hireshmont led a TO in Kazakh(which failed due to enemy intervention), which can be read about in The Oligarchian Observer. He successfully fended off two assassins in that time. Clearly, Hireshmont is a popular guy!

Soon after, Hireshmont was fined by Donna Ragna, at Hireshmont's encouragement and request, because of his innapropriate behavior during the whol Paris debacle In Oligarch.

Word came down after a successful raid into Fontanese territory that there was a 150 gold bounty on his head! Much amused, Hireshmont decided that, when he had the money, he'd add another 50 gold to the bounty.

While in Oligarch, Hireshmont renounced his Prophetic and Priestly duties, seemingly out of nowhere. At the same time, during an uncharacteristic display of emotion in the speech, rumours began to spread that Hireshmont was hiding something. Soon after, a strange crest was seen in Hireshmont's tent, after he was wounded in a duel. That crest looked like this.(OOC- yes, I'm aware the latin is crappy. I used some translator online. Also, the RPs concerning Maeror Mesor can be found here: Keithson Family/Paul/Maeror)

Meanwhile, Hireshmont gained new acclaim for himself as the mastermind behind Operation Rubber Ducky, the plan that overthrew Old Rancagua, installing Charger as the new Dictator. While, wultimately, this plan was not totally successful, it did bring a series of victories against old Rancagua for Oligarch, thus it was definately still beneficial and worth the price of four noble's lives, though it poured a huge amount of guilt on Hireshmont.

Not long after, the path of the shadows became available to Hireshmont. He had long been living in such a way, so he began training himself in the arts of infiltration. Unfortunately, he was caught very quickly. After 10 successive torture(ALL of which Hireshmont resisted, not revealing a single bit to Tempest, the Judge of Fontan), he was banned and released.

Soon after, Hireshmont became a member of the Academy of Knowledge, and began preparing to teach a course in espionage, intel/counter-intel ops, and other covert operations. Not very long after that, Hireshmont was appointed by Sakima, Prime Minister of Oligarch, as the Count of Commonyr. He immediately set to work keeping the region well maintained.

Eventually, it became clear to Hireshmont that the path of shadows was not for him. Reluctantly, he took up the trappings of the desk job he had always been destined for. He began shuffling papers: beaurocracy. From his make-shift office in Commonyr, he began attempting to revitalize that mauled district.

Over the next few weeks, Hireshmont tried to, and failed, at finding the information leaks in Oligarch. Then the city fell while he was away on a trading run. But, mere days later, he was elected PRime Minister! Immediately, Hireshmont set out to secure the safety of his TLs. Here are the election results: Hireshmont's First Prime Minister Election

After Hireshmont finished his term of duty in Oligarch, he joined LoF, saying that he had personal business there. He quickly swore allegiance to Omega, COunt of An Najaf, because he had known Omega in Oligarch.

While in Oligarch, Hireshmont attended a tournament in Sirion. At the tourney, he made it to the second round in swordfighting and jousting, but his performance there wasnt so great. But, all the same, that tournament was to have a resounding effect on his life from that point on. For it was there that he made known that he was, in fact, the father of Maeror Mesor. Maeror challenged him to a duel to the death upon their return to LoF. In the duel, Hireshmont killed Maeror, and was stricken with grief at what he had done.

Also, in early June, Hireshmont began teaching a class on Espionage at the Academy of Knowledge.

But then Hireshmont had a vision, and was scarred by Qyrvagg. He headed to Beluaterra, to join the official Church of Qyrvagg, and be their missionary. There he was reunited with his old friend Baiko Hyral, and his half-brother Amekal.

Over time, internal strife in RIombara grew rampant. Hireshmont, due to being a bad reflection on the Church, was excommunicated. Soon after, the Duchy of Irombro seceded due to internal tensions to form the nation of Irombrozia, led by Marc Keithson, brother of Hireshmont's friend Paul Keithson. Hireshmont went there, and was appointed Royal Treasurer. He fell asleep on the job though(OOC- auto-paused due to inactivity) and lost the position, though he did set in place many of the policies still used by Irombrozia.

Then, after the untimely wounding of King Marc(May He Live Forever), Hireshmont was elected Judge: Arch Priest in a monarchy such as Irombrozia. After a while of this, Hireshmont composed the Irombrozian national anthem with Amekal and the Irombrozian Royal Orchestra. It can be found here:

As time wore on in Irombrozia, and that nation struggled to survive against the imperialist domination of Luz de Bia, situations conspired to consolidate more power on Hireshmont. While he gained no new positions in this time, he assumed the de facto role of general, he had a hand in all the runnings of Irombrozia. By being capable, he became powerful. Yet in all this, he stayed steadfastly loyal to King Marc and Queen Baiko and, above all, Irombrozia.

Eventually, Hireshmont stepped down from the position of Arch Priest, and was quickly appointed High Marshall, and he also sponsored two armies from Irombrozia. He continued to play a leading role in the governing and leadership of Irombrozia. For quite a while he remained High Marshall of Irombrozia. Through a good chunk of the Honor War, and for the beginning of the War of Irombrozian Secession. But then disaster hit. King Marc was executed by Riombara, and the nation was Kingless.

Hireshmont was soon made King, on December 19, 1006. He remained High Marshall for a few days, then stepped down when a successor was found. Within days Hireshmont had formed many new alliances, a federation with Heen, expanded CCA membership by two nations, and gotten new peace treaties from several nations. But, that was not all. When Hireshmont became King, he set about doing something King Marc had not: searching for a Queen. Though Baiko was the rightful Queen of Irombro, she showed no desire to marry Hireshmont, and had relinquished her claim to the throne in favor of Hireshmont. Thus, a search for a wife was begun.

It didn't take long for one to be found. An old comrade in arms of Hireshmont soon became his fiance: Retravic Slayer. She was also, as chance would have it, Prime Minister of the Republic of Fwuvoghor, a recent joining member of the CCA. They were married on January 15, 1007. For the full story, see The Slayer Family/Retravic. The next few months were a time of struggle for Hireshmont, and for Irombrozia. Though Irombrozia itself fared well and grew stronger, it's allies gradually fell and it's enemies gained power. Finally, Riombara retook Grehk and Irombrozia was again involved in heavy fighting. Irombrozia was defeated in several battles, and Hireshmont was captured and deported.

In Toren Hireshmont became an honorary member of the short-lived Toren Reform Party, opposed a rebellion, was fined massively for calling himself "King", but, overall, did very little actually. He returned home ASAP.

Upon return to Irombrozia, it wasn't long before a council position became available and Hireshmont was made Royal Treasurer. He continued to be King, but Baiko remained Viceroy and chief administrator until such a time as a retransitioning was required. Over time, Hireshmont eventually returned to the throne. But by that time, the war with Riombara was actually winding down. Instead, the continent was going through its third invasion. Hireshmont took it upon himself to oversee the transformation of Irombrozia from an eventually doomed city state to something that could last longer, and began seeking to restructure its systems, foreign policy, and its basic function in the world. Also, he began writing his memoirs.

Hireshmont was King throughout the later stages of Irombrozia's war with Riombara, and also through the bulk of the Invasion. He used the Invasion to attempt to foster good relations with Riombara, and many peace negotiations and tentative agreements were made. However, Riombara ultimately proved unwilling to settle for peace. While many interim agreements were made that benefited both Riombara and Irombrozia, Hireshmont eventually came to realize that his best efforts would be insufficient to achieve peace. So, given his age and the low prospects of success, he abdicated the throne. None of the eligible heirs (most notably Hireshmont II, Valachi, Baiko, and Torrero) proved willing to assume the throne, and so Hireshmont went into an immediate and hermit-like retirement. A spot election was held, and Anselm Recena, the Duke of Irombro at the time, was elected King and General.

Anselm led Irombrozia back into war with Riombara, and the regions of Rii and Rueffilo were quickly recaptured. After Rii was captured, Hireshmont was made Baron of Rii, and he rejoined the priesthood of Qyrvaggism. In the service of of Irombrozia and King Anselm, Hireshmont took up the mantle of ambassador, and risked life and limb attempting to find peaceful solutions to the war with Riombara. Unfortunately, though a number of treaties were almost signed, support for them in Irombrozia and Riombara was never quite sufficient. Eventually, Anselm abdicated as King, and Hireshmont's old friend Scurtingbord was made king. With Irombro suffering from hunger and plague, the dream of the Phoenix-banner was dying. Hireshmont's final contribution was to organize a dignified surrender of Irombrozia to Riombara, marking a final end to the life of the Beacon of the South.

However, that did not end Hireshmont's career. Swiftly swearing fealty to Irombro's new lord, he then threw himself devotedly into his role as a priest, and set off abroad on a missionary journey to Heen, where he attempted to revitalize the Church and spark a revival. That mission met great successes, and the Church in Heen was restructured to encourage far greater longevity, and several foreign nobles experienced conversions.

Upon his return to Riombara, a lordship opened up in Cjelegy. Hireshmont ran for the election and, in a tiebreaker, was selected as the new Viscount of Cjelegy. In that position, he actively embarked on promoting the Church in Cjelegy, and engaging in trade in the Islands. Thus, in a strange way, Hireshmont become a member of Riombara's, his former arch-rival's, elite. Soon after, the post of High Treasurer was vacated. Few candidates announced themselves for the post, and a special dispensation was granted by the Advisory Council, temporarily suspending the rule against holding multiple positions at once. Hireshmont ran for the post against his then-liege lord, Duke Ercole of Athol Margos, and won by a significant margin. Thus, less than a year after the fall of Irombrozia, Hireshmont had become a member of Riombara's Advisory Council: what a strange world.

In time, the Fourth Invasion caused great suffering throughout Beluaterra. In this chaotic environment, the elderly Hireshmont found himself in a strange political position. His religious conviction convinced him of the need to destroy the invaders, and yet his political commitments compelled him to ally with the monsters. In time, he helped orchestrate the secession of Rines to form the Meridian Republic, which he was the first treasurer for. Meridia grew rapidly due to being aided by the monsters, a fact which weighed heavily on the old statesman's conscience. When at long last the Archons of Light appeared, Hireshmont immediately embraced their call. He met Marta in Fwuvoghor, and told her of Qyrvaggism. Marta was impressed, and went to Grehk to establish a Temple of Light in the large Qyrvaggian temple in that city. Hireshmont soon after this cast himself into the light as a sacrifice. Thus fell the much-debated Hireshmont.

  • Accomplishments:
    • Sartania:
      • Former Knight
      • Former Member of the Counsel
    • Oligarch:
      • Knight of Oligarch
      • Chairman of the WCC and All Affiliated BRanches
      • Member of the MoS
      • Member of the MoW
      • Lieutenant(in emergencies)
      • Former First Prophet of Qyrvagg
      • Former High Priest of the ECBCQ
      • Grand Justiciar(Judge) of Oligarch, January 27, 2006-February 1, 2006
      • Director of Operation Rubber Ducky
      • Former Count of Commonyr
      • Prime Minister of Oligarch, May 26, 2006- June 1, 2006
    • Light of Fountain:
      • Knight of An Najaf
      • Member of the Outer Council
    • Riombara:
      • Missionary Primus of the Church of Qyrvagg
      • Knight of Avengmil
      • Knight of Irombro
      • Viscount of Cjelegy (second time in Riombara)
      • High Treasurer (second time in Riombara)
    • Irombrozia
      • Royal Treasurer
      • Knight of Irombro
      • Arch Priest(Judge)
      • Sponsor of the Irombrozian Resistance Force
      • Sponsor of the Royal Irombroziam Military
      • High Marshall
      • King
      • Count of Cagamir
      • Count of Bolkenia
      • Baron of Rii
    • Fwuvoghor
      • (By marriage) First Man
      • (By marriage) King
    • Toren
      • Noble
      • Honorary Member of the Toren Reform Party
    • Meridian Republic
      • Count of Cjelegy
      • High Treasurer
      • Offering to the Light