The Oligarchian Observer

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Oli1.JPG The Oligarchian Observer
Primary Writer/Editor: Hireshmont
Contributors:: Sakima, Count of Poitiers and Paul, Banker of Oligarch

It is time the people of Oligarch had a chance to express their views. We have long suffered 
the words of other realms without responding, but I am happy to say that time is over. 
Now people from all over the continent will be informed of our realm's doings. 
- Lysander, Dictator of Oligarch

With these words, Lysander commissoned the first printing of 'The Oligarchian Observer'.

Currently, the Oligarchian Observer is under the management of Hireshmont Vellos. Any help would be appreciated! Got something you want to add? Don't bother asking! Add it! Just follow these guidelines:

1. Keep it short. Between 2-6 sentences
2. Keep it up-to-date. Don't post a blurb about something that happenned a week ago.
3. Keep it appropriate. Sure, make fun and all. But, well, know when to stop.
4. Don't vandalize. Vandalism is defined as posting needless articles (say, copy-pasting all messages in an arguement), or as editing someone else's contributions. Only me, the Editor, is permitted, by Oligarchian law, to do so. And, even then, I'd just delete something as vandalism.
5. Don't be anti-Oligarch or hyper-negative. Yeah, I know, I know. But, remember, Oligarch's newspaper wont be supporting our enemies! Plus, sure, sometimes bad stuff happens. But let's keep the paper light, okay?
6. Don't post unless you are an Oligarchian or ally.

Thanks, - Oligarchian Observer Editing Team

Here, listed in chronological order, are the editions of the 'Oligarchian':

  • Old Layout
    • Volume:1 - Published in early December, 2005
    • Volume:2 - In Print January 14-February 1, 2006
  • New Layout
    • Volume:3 - In Print February 1- February 11, 2006!
    • Volume:4 - In Print February 11- February 23, 2006!
    • Volume:5 - In Print February 24- March 6, 2006
    • Volume:6 - In Print March 6- March 19, 2006
    • Volume:7 - In Print March 19- March 31, 2006
    • Volume:8 - In Print March 31- April 30, 2006
    • Volume:9 - In Print May 1- Present
  • Also, check out the OCPAU! It's a SA (or, as I say, HRA) realms' newspaper conglomeration that myself and a few others are working on!