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Paul Keithson
Realms character has been in:
Light of Fountain
East Island
South-West Island



After their father died, he took up the yoke of being the head of the family and gained enough respectablity for the family so that they are now a comfortable, respected, upper class noble family. He was also the first one of the brothers to leave home for expirences in the wider world. He has an enourmous sense of responsiblity that shows through as loyalty to his realm, which ever it may be at the time.

The responsibilities of being the oldest brother of a noble family has also given him a very aristocratic outlook on, not only life, but nearly everything else as well. Normally, this outlook is diluted by his sense of discretion, but if challenges or problems arise, discretion is out the door and his aristocratic morality comes flooding back.

Titles Held: General, Marshal, Judge, Banker of Oligarch
Duels Fought:
11/24/2005, against Darfix, Baron of Sermbar. Winner: Paul
03/28/2006, against Adrian, Knight of Sermbar. Winner: Paul
04/01/2006, against Darfix, Baron of Sermbar. Winner: Darfix

RP'ed Events

Swore a BloodOath to destroy Fontan.
"Adopted" a son.
Left mysterious papers in the vaults of Oligarch City.

Future Plans

I think that I'll keep him on the East Continent. Since he's in Oligarch I think that he's in a very good place to gain prestige and honor in the battles against Sirion and Fontan. Since he is the ex-General and current Banker in a Tyranny, I don't know how much higher he can go. I'll keep an eye on the situation, but who knows? He may have a wandering eye...

...and it turns out he does indeed have a wandering eye! With the third disappointing loss in the Judge election, Paul has decided to accept the personal invitation to join his long-time friend Lycastus's new realm, the Fountain of Light. However, Fate is a cruel mistresss... as Paul was packing his bags to head towards the Oligarchian border, he recieved news: he had been elected as the Judge of Oligarch! Conflicted between loyalty to his friend Lycastus, and getting his favorite position, Paul's temper got the best of him and in a widely criticized move, he banned the use of the word "Avamar" in Oligarch. Paul refused to back off his position until Elaria was released from Old Rancaguian prision and back in Oligarch. He then stepped down and headed to LoF.

Once in LoF, and reunited with his best friend Hireshmont following the fall of Oligarch, he started a one-noble group focused on the destruction of the Elven Horde, (known most widely as the realm of Sirion) and anything non-natural or human. The name of this group is Nobles Against The Un-natural... or NATU for short.