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Vellosfamilycrest.jpgMaeror MesorVellosfamilycrest.jpg
  • Physical Appearance: Dark brown hair, and a youthful face. Maeror could be best described as looking curious, wanting to know about the world.
  • Weapon of Choice: Rapier
  • History:

Maeror Mesor was one of two twins born of Hireshmont and the Fontanese noblewoman Sheein. His name, originally, was just Maeror, and his brother was Mesor. Their mother died in childbirth, and Hireshmont was left to be their sole parent.

While Hireshmont was Count of Commonyr, Sirionite forces attacked. Hireshmont was wounded and left unconscious, and Mesor was slain, leaving Maeror alone, hiding in the cellar. He came out later, and waited for his father to recover with the house butler, who was taking care of him. Maeror was only 4 at the time.

When Hireshmont awoke, he decided he could not protect Maeror. He was too much of a target, and he was putting his son in danger. Not only that, but Hireshmont would never be the father Maeror needed: he feared he would corrupt the child. So Hireshmont, on Maeror's fifth birthday, secretly delivered him to the house of his friend, Paul Keithson. Paul took him in, not knowing who he was: just his name, and that he was noble birth.

Over the years, Paul raised him, as Hireshmont looked on secretly. Hireshmont did everythign within his power to help, be it small and secret deposits in bank accounts, or covert bodyguards wherever Maeror went. He did everything within his pwoer to secretly guard his son in those tumoltuous times.

Then Fontan City seceded from Fontan, to form Light of Fountain. Hireshmont eagerly supported Paul going to LoF, because it would keep Maeror safe, because LoF was neutral in the war. Hireshmont knew that dark times were rising, and he wanted Maeror kept safe.

By the time Maeror had turned 14, Oligarch had fallen, and Hireshmont was in LoF. He secretly watched over his son for some time, and got to know him a bit. Then, at the tournament thrown by Sirion to celebrate the demise of Oligarch, Hireshmont publicly told Maeror that he was his father.

In the ensuing discussion, Maeror challenged Hireshmont to a duel to the death, and stormed out of the tavern, feeling betrayed by his father in deed, Paul, and his father in blood, Hireshmont.

When they arrived back from the tournament, Maeror and Hireshmont fought a duel to the death. Within the first blow, Maeror had been slain.