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If you are looking for a brief list of families and links into a more in depth view of a families personalized histories. This is a page for setting yourself apart. Do not vandalize other peoples information. If you have a problem with the information someone has submitted talk to an editor (Eric) to get a ruling. This is for fun and a bit competition... but mostly to explore the fun and silly side of playing. Some of the standards are completely arbitrary but so is life.


  • [[Example Family|House Example]] - Family Members (Category Score)

Ground Rules

  • You can put your family link in only one primary or secondary category and no more than 2 links period.
  • No more than Family/Clan Name, members names/appropriate information to the category. Too much detail will be edited
  • Keep in appropriate descending order per the category as there are a lot of families that are linking here.
  • All information and bragging right will come directly for the history. If it is not in history it is not a category. If it is not in history it doesn't count.
  • Separate stats. Meaning that if a single character is elected ruler to a single realm 20 times, that counts as a single ruler. If 2 different characters get elected ruler of a single realm that counts as 2 rulers.


Legendary Families or Clans

For those families that spread their influence no matter where they go. Must have a combination of 20 separate rulers, dukes, generals, judges, and bankers.

  • Anaris Family - Alanna, Delvin, Anton, and Ariana (20+)
  • House Biz'Oûn - Itthordaî, Gadouha, Fritz, Farlouche, Juliette, Arnaud. (21)
  • Lefanis Family - Mordred, Morgana, Lunarion, Hericus, Melehan. (24)
  • Perkeleet Family - Zadar Nargath, Ottar, Wilhelm Pitkämiekka, Max Pitkämiekka, Zadariana
  • House of Relak - Nerol, Gregor, Lelnor, Boeth, Serko, Norel, Lelrok, Haelor, Hoerl. (16 'official', 31 total) - Records were not instituted for Nerol, Gregor, and Boeth's early accomplishments.
  • of Umbar Family - Castamir, Fuinur, Herumor, Calmacil, Amandil, Atanamir, Hostamir, Ciryatan (25)

High Noble Families or Clans

For those families who have become well known, renowned, famous, and infamous. The greatness of these families names have spread far and wide and all members are almost immediately recognisable.

Royal Families or Clans

For anyone of royal blood, those who have held a rulership or several for a considerable time and with widespread recognition of royalty.


Lord of the Manor Families or Clans

For those families that are known for holding the fort and building the towers high. This is for Dukes and Duchess' that man the city walls and get paid for it.

Military Families or Clans

For those families that take pride in their military history.

Justicial Families or Clans

For those families that take pride in serving in the legal capacities.

  • Galadeon Family - Grand Justiciar Yavanna,Law Mother Lavigna,Arch Priestess Moreira,Executor Moreira,Arch Priestess Melian,Grand Justiciar Indira
  • Occam Family - Judge Gilead and Judge Roland
  • House Patel - 5, Haruspex Maximus Xiso, Arch Priest Yeller, Judge Gheros of Giblot, Haruspex Maximus Gheros of Toren-SEI, Haruspex Maximus Qazel of Toren-SWI
  • Steele Family - 3, Kerwyn, Arch Priest of Obsidian Islands; Medium, Arch Priest of Caligus and Heen.

Bean-counter Families or Clans

For those families that take pride in being able to count (or at least steal without being caught).


For those special accomplishments that bring fame and fortune... well at least you hope someone will remember your name.


For those that found new realms.

  • House Rogala (2)
    • One - one of the founding fathers of Avamar, and also ceded Tarasac from Cagilan Empire, founding the realm "I can't believe it's not butter".
    • Kokomaro - seceded from Melhed, and created the monarchy of Valentia.

Guild Masters

For those families that can't help but to found guilds.

Dead Heroes

For those families that have lain the very lives of their beloved family members on the mantle of... whatever mantle their land was fighting for at the time.


For those guilty pride where most fear to tread.


For those who just can't help but take part in Rebellion...

Pure Evil

People like these are why we have heroes


For those that can't seem to get along.

Caught Red-handed

For those that are persistent saboteurs and keep coming back for more.

Life of Shadows

A record of how long a person has lived as an infiltrator without rest.

  • Lina Unti - stepped into shadows in April 2004 and walks still. To date: 2 years 5 months --Dalakar 04:49, 15 September 2006 (CEST)

Gallows Pole

For those that have had an inordinate number of necks stretched and simply have lose their heads.