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The House of Arylon is a noble house of royal bloodline, originating from the remote regions of the Cagilan Empire on the lost continent of Atamara. The name itself originates from the ancient hereditary title Aryl, which in an ancient Atamaran language means "Lord." Humble in origin, the Arylonians were minor nobles of little fame or authority for generations, before rising in significance and becoming one of the most recognizable noble houses in the known world.

After generations of obscurity, it was the exploits of the brothers of Fisc and Taran that led to the ascension of the Arylonians. Ironically, it was by forsaking their ancestral home and claim on nobility that the brothers would rise. When they came of age, Fisc -- who was always more restless and belligerent than Taran -- was unsatisfied by his position in life, and sought to carve out his own name in battle by traveling to the South-East Island and pledging himself to the martial realm of Toren, fighting in the unending wars of that land. There he would distinguish himself, gaining a Lordship, then later becoming Fiduciary, and later still General, overseeing all of the war effort.

Taran remained on Atamara, but equally frustrated by his anonymity and irrelevance among the Cagilans, he abandoned his family estate and traveled to the south-east corner of Atamara, joining the realm of Abington, which would eventually become Suville. There he would thrive, rising to serve as Suville's General for a long period of time, as well as the realm's Master of Law, and Duke of the stronghold of Stoneville.

The family became a royal house when Fisc was forced to flee from the destruction of the South-East Island. There, he and a combination of Torenites and other refugees came to the newly discovered land of Dwilight, where they formed a new nation, called Everguard, to which Fisc was proclaimed the first High King. Under his leadership, Everguard prospered and expanded to control the north-west portion of the continent. He would later go on to found the religion of Torenism at the ancient Shrine of Seeklander and serve as a prophet to the God Tor. Fisc was forced to flee the realm he founded when their greatest ally -- the realm of Astrum -- shockingly betrayed and attacked Everguard. This would lead him to the nascent realm of Averoth, where he would rise to become Chancellor. After growing disillusioned with the treachery he had experienced, though, Fisc wandered before ultimately taking his wife and young children to the East Continent, where they would quietly settle in a quiet estate and retire from public life.

Some time later, Fisc vanished without trace, leaving their children without a father. Taran, also having grown dissatisfied with the scheming and backbiting of the Atamaran realms, and set off on a ship in search of the unexplored mysteries of our world. Neither Fisc nor Taran has been seen for more than a decade.

Today, the House of Arylon is once again ascendant, owing to the young noble careers of the children of Fisc and Taran -- Gheric, Lyanna, Taran the Second, and Tyran -- as well as the exploits of their younger brother Caravanthian. These men and women, mimicking the adventures of their famous fore-bearers, have set off to all corners of the world, looking to create for themselves a life of distinction. Gheric has settled in Dwilight, in the realm of Westgard, in the hopes of renewing and surpassing the legacy of his father on Dwilight, the land that broke his father's spirit. Lyanna remained on the East Continent and has forged her own career in the realm of Sirion. Taran the Second followed in his uncle's path by traveling to a continent -- South Island -- locked in perpetual war, in search of glory. Tyran journeyed to Beluaterra and settled in the realm of Nothoi in what he felt was the furthest possible place he could have gone from the name of his famous father. And Caravanthian, deciding to follow his nephew Gheric to Dwilight, found himself blown off course by a terrible storm and arriving at the Colonies, emerging in the realm of Halcyon.

Together, this new generation of Arylonian blood hopes to build upon the legacy set forth before them.

Family Members of Accomplishment


Fisc Arylon
High King
of Everguard

of Averoth
Missing Unknown Unknown Fisc Arylon, also known as The Emerald Knight and Fisc Silvertongue, was a warrior, statesman, King and religious icon of great fame in the old days of our world. Beginning his exploits on the now destroyed South-East Island realm of Toren. He is, however, best known among the ancient families as the first High King of the realm of Everguard in north-western Dwilight. Everguard was the first Kingdom founded in Dwilight that reached into the monster-infested hordes of the west. His leadership helped expand the realm greatly, and establish itself as the jewel of the north-west. After his tenure as High King, Fisc would go on to found the religion of Torenism.

After the betrayal and destruction of Everguard at the hands of their former ally Astrum, Fisc grew frustrated by the treachery and corruption systemic through Dwilight. He and his children left the continent, and he withdrew from the world. Some years later, after the death of his wife, Fisc mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. Some have speculated that he grew restless and sought adventure beyond the known world. Some believe he died. Others think he may return some day.

Taran Arylon
of Suville

of Stoneville
Missing Unknown Unknown Taran, unlike his more brutish brother Fisc, was a highly educated, cerebral person, and was mostly concerned with the use and application of political power. He valued knowledge, cunning, cleverness and ingenuity above brute strength, which is ironic given that he eventually excelled as a military leader, rising to become General of the realm of Suville. He was charismatic, witty, and quite intelligent, though he was also incredibly arrogant. He also had a sly and relentless sense of humor that more than once caused him to be labeled a troublemaker, while also aiding in the satisfaction of his more amorous desires. His rather cavalier perspective -- something apparently inherited by his niece Lyanna -- led to many excesses in his life, but those excesses, to Taran, were worth it to live what he considered a full life.

After a long career as a political and religious leader, as well as a soldier, general and Duke in the realms of Abington and Suville, Taran grew disillusioned with the monotony and of his life, and the political scheming required of his high station, and retired from public life. Shortly after, disaster in Atamara resulted in the destruction of the continent, separating him from his family and taking from him all that he had gained. He then acquired a ship and crew, and set off in a desperate attempt to find his children, setting off to explore the unknown reaches of the world. What became of him is unknown.

Caravanthian Arylon
of Halcyon

Incendia Primus
of Sacris Incendium

of Alowca

Alive Colonies Halcyon Caravanthian is the youngest brother of Taran and Fisc Arylon, more than twenty years their junior. When his elder brothers left their ancestral home, Caravanthian was but a boy and remained behind to be raised as a proper noble. He was therefore educated in science, art, history and politics, but kept from martial training out of fear that he would follow in the footsteps of his brothers. Ultimately, though, he did not want to be part of the stuffy aristocracy as he had grown to hold most of his noble peers in great contempt, viewing them as decadent, soft, and unworthy of their great privilege. Caravanthian's contempt for his noble life is what ultimately led him to flee his home in search of a life of consequence.

He took a considerable chest of gold and hired a ship, begging the captain to take him to the continent of Dwilight, where he knew that his nephew Gheric had recently gone in search of restoring his father's legacy. Unfortunately, after traveling by boat for weeks, a massive storm had formed, and his ship had been pulled off course hundreds of miles. When he awoke, he found himself on the shores nearby the city of Alebad. He had shipwrecked at the mysterious continent that contained The Colonies. There he would start his new life, hoping someday to be reunited with his family and have a name worthy of the House of Arylon. He would quickly rise to become the Master of Commerce for the realm, and was elected Governor of Alowca as Halcyon expanded south. After the campaign to reclaim the city of Alebad succeeded, Caravanthian turned very introspective and philosophical, eventually founding the Sacris Incendium faith.

Gheric Arylon

Son of Fisc

High King
of Westgard

of Everguard


of Eidulb

Alive Dwilight Westgard Gheric is the oldest child of Fisc and his wife, Luna Dawnstar. Born in the city of Gelene on the continent of Dwilight in the realm of Everguard, Gheric was the first High Prince to be born in the realm, as his father was serving as High King at the time of his birth. Gheric's early life was a difficult one, as Everguard faced merciless invasions by monster hordes, and repeated conflicts with neighboring realms who were repeatedly encroaching on their territory. Unlike princes in other lands who enjoyed comfortable living, feasts of plenty, and aristocratic educations, Gheric was frequently hungry, frequently slept in tents as he followed his father into the field, and had only a cursory education, heavily focused around martial training.

When his father stepped down from the Crystal Throne, and later when Everguard was destroyed by Astrum, Gheric's life grew very difficult. He never forgot, nor never every forgave the leaders in Astrum responsible for the betrayal. His parents and sister fled Dwilight when he was ten years old, seeking a quiet life elsewhere. Ten years later, Gheric departed for Dwilight to begin carving out his own name, obsessed with renewing his father's legacy by joining Westgard, the realm that stands in the same place his father's realm once stood. There, now serving as Archon of Westgard, he hopes to one day fulfill his father's original ambition.

Lyanna Arylon

Daughter of Fisc

Chief Justice
of Sirion

Lord Speaker
of Sirion

of Osmeneliath

of Sirion City
Missing East Continent Sirion Lyanna is the younger sister of Gheric, born three years later to Fisc and Luna Dawnstar. Lyanna has no memory of the glory of her family's royal heritage, and her first memory of her family was in the squalor they lived in after the destruction of Everguard. As a result, her outlook on life is a great deal different than Gheric. His life saw both glory and desperation, and so left in him a somewhat stoic personality, obsessed with honor and loyalty, having seen the result of both being discarded by his father's closest allies. Lyanna, on the other hand, knew only want and as such developed a somewhat libertine personality. She seeks to extract every last bit of happiness and pleasure out of life, and is a somewhat open and free person.

Her family finally settled in Sirion, posing as minor nobility and living in obscurity. When her father disappeared and her brother left to chase his legacy on Dwilight, she decided to make her own life there, and attempt to rise to prominence. Distinguishing herself on the battlefield and showing a real capacity for politics and diplomacy, she very quickly rose to command the region of Glinmar, and then later became the Margravine of the great white city of Avamar in the south of the realm. She has also been elected as Lord Speaker of Sirion, managing the realm's finances and one day she hopes to lead the nation as Prime Minister.


Bastard Son of Fisc

Lord Speaker
of Sirion

of Glinmar
Alive East Continent Sirion Rearden is the second of Fisc Arylon's known bastard sons. After finally giving up on regaining his stolen legacy on Dwilight, Fisc and his wife Luna, as well as their true born son Gheric fled to the East Continent to start a new life as relatively anonymous nobility in the Republic of Sirion. The new circumstances were not, however, well suited to Fisc's rough, militaristic lifestyle and he soon grew restless in the mundane life of an aristocrat. As Fisc descended into depression and alcoholism, he previous fissure between he and his wife grew ever larger, to the point where they were no longer on speaking terms for a time. Unhappy and alone, Fisc sought refuge in the arms of many other women, with a parade of noble and common girls alike sharing his bed. One girl, a tall red-haired servant in the Arylonian estate named Alysia, caught his eye and became a source of great desire for him. After resisting his charms for weeks, she finally broke down, and agreed to become Fisc's lover. For the next year, they would see each other almost every night, as Fisc's appetite for her was insatiable. Soon, she became pregnant, and was quietly whisked away to a country estate where she could give birth without attracting attention. Like he had done before, Fisc sent considerable gold and personal items of importance to the mother of his new child.

Several years later, when Rearden was only five years old, Alysia contracted a mysterious illness and died, leaving Rearden alone with no one to care for him. Not knowing his parentage, Rearden was transferred to an orphanage in the neighboring realm of Nivemus, where he grew up starving and alone. Now an adult, Rearden stands tall as an impressive physical specimen with fiery blonde hair and a fierce beard, looking very much like his father. Yet no one alive today -- including Rearden himself -- is aware of his parentage, or that he has a half-sister who is one of the most prominent members of Sirion, a realm he has now dedicated himself to serving after the downfall of Nivemus.

Taran Arylon

Son of Taran

High Marshal
of Sandalak

of Rhic
Deceased South Island Sandalak Taran, sometimes referred to by those who knew his father as "Taran the Younger," is the eldest child of Taran Arylon, who achieved great fame on the now drowned continent of Atamara, in the realm of Suville. Five years older than his brother Tyran, Taran was clearly his father's preference. He was all the things that his father wanted in a son -- tall, athletic, handsome, adept at swordplay and possessing of great cunning. As a result, Taran was spoiled by his father, and raised in an aristocratic life of privilege, sheltered from the harshest realities of life. He received a world class education in art, science, diplomacy and administration, while also being taught military history and strategy. What resulted was a well educated, but sheltered boy who was prepared for the life of a lord in a safe, stable, secure land.

Not long after his father retired from a long career as a Duke and General, a disaster befell the continent of Atamara and forced its inhabitants to flee to other lands. This was Taran's first taste of hardship, as he was separated from his father and arrived with his brother Tyran on Beluaterra. There they would start over. Taran quickly learned that his brother, being essentially on his own from birth, was far more prepared for the harsh environment they had come to, sending him into a depressive state of self-doubt. Feeling like a failure and desperate to prove his worth, Taran left on a ship headed toward the South Island, where perpetual war gives men a chance to deserve their name, or die trying. He pledged his sword to Sandalak, and has been fighting ever since. Taran proved to be a strong military strategist, rising to become the General of Sandalak. After a career marked by expansion of Sandalak and a brilliantly stunning victory on the field of battle in Moeth, he died heroically in the midst of a massive battle with Ikalak, having finally earned the name Arylon.

Tyran Arylon

Son of Taran

of Nothoi

of Mesh

of Cwellndell
Alive Beluaterra Nothoi Tyran Arylon is the second son of Taran Arylon, The Elder. His father, while a great man, was not very present in his life. Five years his brother's junior, his father father poured all of his love and attention into his older sibling. Tyran, long since learning to rely on himself, would never complain of that fact, as he considers it the simple reality of my upbringing. As a result, though, Tyran I developed a self-reliance and independence which has served him well, perhaps at no time more than when his home in Atamara was destroyed, and he and his brother became separated from their father. Landing on Beluaterra, suddenly it was Tyran who hunted for food, fought off rogues looking to steal what little they had, and finding work that paid gold. It was quite some time before the realm of Nothoi would hear of a noble family from Atamara joining their ranks, and by then Tyran was alone, his brother having set off for the glory of war in the south.

Now alone, but armed with a gritty persistence and some very practical survival skills, Tyran has vowed to build his own legacy in Nothoi, and is obsessed with deserving his place among the great families. He has since fought tenaciously for his new home, against both human invaders and monsters, rising quickly to become Strategos during the waning days of the long war against Thalmarkin. He has since been raised to the Throne of the White Wolf, serving as Hegemon. Since doing so, he made formal peace with Thalmarkin, supervised the peaceful settlement of Vordul Sanguinis near Nothoi, and has taken his place as one of the most prominent rulers of Beluaterra. When Thalmarkin once again asserted its aggression against Nothoi's ally Irondale, the Hegemon did not hesitate, and declared war to defend Irondale.

Chronas Arylon

Son of Taran

of Sandalak

of Concordia Bellum

of Sandalak City
Alive South Island Sandalak Chronas, third son of Taran Arylon, was the product of an extramarital affair between Taran and Queen Aeryn Arete of the realm of Suville. The House of Arylon and Arete had enjoyed a long and productive alliance with one another, and Taran had grown quite preoccupied with his Queen, despite his otherwise happy marriage. Queen Aeryn was unmarried, swearing to never take a husband after being forced to execute her own betrothed during a civil war, but she returned Taran's affections, and the two secretly maintained a relationship for years. Aeryn eventually became pregnant, and not wishing to destroy her lover's marriage, refused to disclose who the father was, saying instead that "Suville is the father" of her unborn child. Chronas was born some months later, and was immediately raised as a prince of Suville.

Taran never claimed the child, four years the junior of his second son Tyran, and Aeryn told the boy nothing of his father for the first ten years of his life. It wasn't until much later, as the destruction of Atamara became apparent and his mother was critically injured in the chaos that she revealed to Chronas that Taran was his father, and that he had two older brothers. As the ships fled Atamara, he was barely able to escape with his life, but knew not where his newly discovered family was. He adopted the surname Arylon and embraced his newly discovered parentage, but It wasn't until years later that he would discover that his oldest brother Taran had settled on the South Island, and had risen to prominence as a famed General in the realm of Sandalak. Sadly, by the time that he arrived to meet his brother for the first time, Taran had been killed in a fierce and glorious battle. Having searched so long and invested so much in finding his family, he was devastated, and swore to avenge Taran's death by taking up the sword and fighting for the realm that had accepted and promoted Taran. Since doing so, he has shown himself a capable and dedicated warrior, and he will not rest until his brother's desire to see the flag of Sandalak flying over the whole of the continent is realized. He remains unaware that his other brother, Tyran, is on Beluaterra. Chronas now rules Sandalak.


Bastard Son of Fisc

Commoner Alive Dwilight Westgard Mathas is the elder of the two known bastard sons of Fisc Arylon, High King of Everguard. The early year's of the marriage between Fisc and Luna Dawnstar were very happy, and shortly after being crowned High King of Everguard, Luna gave birth to Gheric, who immediately became Fisc's heir. As time would pass, however, and Everguard was betrayed, a division would grow between Fisc and Luna. As their kingdom lay in ruins, Luna begged Fisc to abandon Dwilight and return with her to the East Continent, where they could raise Gheric safely. Fisc, for his part, wished to stay and exact revenge for his fallen realm, and ultimately tried to carve a new empire out of the wilderness by founding Averoth. The increasingly bitter arguments caused the two to drift far apart.

Fisc and Luna never separated, and did continue to live together as man and wife, but soon Fisc's attention strayed. Living in the untamed north-west, Fisc was constantly in the field defending the peasants from beastly invasions, and while fighting in the Townsland of Aquitain he was gravely wounded. Fisc was cared for by a young, beautiful peasant girl named Sara, who tended to him obsessively for weeks as he recovered. Once he had regained his strength, Fisc and Sara began a brief but very intense affair, before he ultimately returned to Luna. The encounters left Sara pregnant with the child who would become Mathas. Fisc never publicly acknowledged the child, but he did send considerable gold to Sara, and gave to Mathas a number of his personal affects, including a bastard sword with the insignia of House Arylon. Fisc eventually left Dwilight for the East, but Sara and Mathas remained, and today Mathas roams the countryside of the Westgard, seeking fame and glory for himself, hoping to one day be acknowledged by his half-brother, High King Gheric Arylon of Westgard, as a true son of Arylon.


Unrecognized Claimant to House Arylon

Commoner Alive Beluaterra Nothoi The mysterious figure of Calberian, known to those on Beluaterra as "Calberian, Wanderer" is cloaked in shadow. A tall, hulking warrior of sturdy constitution, he is rarely seen and even more rarely acknowledged. Today he roams central Beluaterra, fighting back unending hordes of monsters and undead that plague the area, having pledged his sword to Nothoi. It is said that he has some kind of connection -- perhaps even a relation to -- the Hegemon of Nothoi, Tyran Arylon, given his presence in the Hegemon's realm, and his uncanny physical resemblance to him. Rumors that Tyran had a secret twin brother are undoubtedly untrue, if for no other reason than the fact that Calberian stands a full hand taller than Tyran. Still, Calberian has said nothing publicly about his parentage or his relationship to the Hegemon, we know only that he is a fierce, brutal warrior, and that he has saved countless thousands from the jaws of marauding beasts. Whoever he is, he has in his possession a sword that has both the House insignia of Arylon, as well as the emblem of the Lost realm of Abington. Where he got it, and what it means remain unclear. What is clear is that Calberian doesn't want to talk about it, and is making no claims to noble birthright, choosing instead to slay the infestations of Beluaterra. For now.

Fame of House Arylon


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Ruler: 0th Day
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Ruler: 10th Day
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Ruler: 100th Day
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Sum: 11 points

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Prestige: 10
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Prestige: 20
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Prestige: 40
FB Wealth.png
Family Wealth: 2000
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Family Wealth: 5000
Sum: 8 points

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New Palace & Capital
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New Guild & Religion
Sum: 7 points

Sum: 1 points

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Exceptional Skill
Sum: 1 point

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Sum: 3 points

Total: 31 points