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Firstly the house of Capelo was created when Ibladesh and Itorunt were united against Ubent but their lineage disapeared at that time and would only reappear past very time. Ready to take their swords once more.

Lord Gor

The first of the Capelo family of Priotness lord gor just wanted to serve Itorunt and see it victorius. So he started fighting for his side against Ibladesh and Ubent after some battles he gained enough prestige to be moved to another battlegroup where he stayed for some time Itorunt Defense Forces then he were again moved to other bg Omega Beta group. He was promoted to banker temporary and Bero group leader since he was berocrat almost his all life. He was released from his function as Banker when the former one came back, he was promoted to count of Nimraw and wished to defend it until he was dead. In these days he was getting a kind of a cold person since he hadn't much or even none friends, if the death came he wouldn't care less than he cares now, death might even be an release of the pain that his life always was, but he won't suicide himself because he knows he would lose all his glory and he would be someone to be ashamed of, he does not intend to stay as berocrat for the rest of his life, in the day his realm need very very of an hero he will turn into one and finaly lie down in the rest that is called death just as his brother did. So past a lot of time he emigrated to the Far east islands. He started as an follower of Archengella Arella and of the Vandaenil, I must say Taith Aenil is a great realm. But the new Ethiala with little troop leaders and all of them except the king without enough prestige. So there was none to fulfill the positions and then Lord Gor help was requested, so Lord Gor went to Ethiala and becomed it's Banker, who organized the regions. He was named as Baron of Arempos for working a lot there. Due to the former ruler King Cebre's illness (ooc: pausing) Lord Gor was elected the ruler of Ethiala, after a long time Ethiala proved to be more powerful than Lord Gor actually tought, so he was proud. But things did not remain that good. After some wars, Lord Gor had to take a decision, he only asked for his realm support as he knew it would work, as he didn't had this so wished support, he stepped down. He would not lead those who did not wish his leadership and diplomatical skills.

Emigrated to Beluaterra. His nephew had invited him to a colony that his realm was creating (Thalmarkin). Lord Gor was given the barony of Pellan to take care of.

He always take with him a little used but very well polished and sharpened blade, that he calls Blade of Justice.

Gorlack (dead)

He was created in Ibladesh, he didn't knew that Itorunt and Ibladesh were at war so he was taken out of Ibladesh and put his forces in Itorunt side. He wanted to be a Hero and family like to have him as a hero. Now in the Omega Alpha Group he fight for his family and honor. Killed in a battle in Oc Lu Pesh. First the allied forces of Itorunt and fallangard managed to get there but after some battles and because Ibladesh capital was just next region they getted beated, in the battle that maked fallangard and itorunt to return to recruit Gorlack was wounded, and when he got healthy he suffered another battle where he and his men were outnumbered and all killed. Gorlack was blood thirsty warrior fighting and fighting even alone until the day he died leaving his brother alone in his realm. Gorlack's body is now in Priotness and his grave is much times visited in the family mansion.


The last of the first lineage of the Capelo he had to go to Atamara so he joined the realm of Norland and he realised that he were in a realm of happy and courageous warriors. He already manage to get a lot of good works like looting and great battles so he is happy there. He swore loyalty to Sir Cormack, Count of Shiverwood and minister of finances. Later when the war is over he was promoted to commander of uforth :DDDD. by the Prime-minister Krypton the Bold. Later lost his region over being imprisioned, but was given the position of Marshall, so that he could lead armies over the battlefield.

There isn't much to say about Gorhero except that he is a Viking, berserker, very different of the rest of his family, wich doesn't mean that he is hated, he is just sawn as a friend who is different ... By the way, he is also an Hero

He uses a very big axe he likes to call as Bone Crusher.



Gorlack's son, he saw his father die and he didn't want to stay in the same realm the uncle after what hapenned so he went to WestSirion, he liked the warfare but he saw that realm wasn't his kind. He gone to Coimbra but after some time he decided he showld try other continents. So he emigrate to new island South-East? island in Sandalak, there were a lot of problems and disconnection of orders. So he emigrated to the Colonies where he managed the place of General under the rule of Queen Amelia but the queen was imprisioned by the enemy, the king that replace Amelia took everyone in command in the time of Amelia and replace them. So when get out of prison queen Amelia emigrated. Gorblood not wanting to stay there emigrate to the same place South-West? island in Sandalak. There he manage to get the place of count of Gwohadda. Gorblood fought for sandalak and for Simphony ( the lady of ice) he really liked the realm but the warfare of the island was really boring (two realms against one then positions exchange), so he decided to emigrate to the New World the only continent he still hadn't been. He entered Old Grehk where he checks that the money he recieves there in one tax is enough for almost 5 taxes or more in other realms $$$$. In the last tournament he managed to get as 3 or 4 as that isn't posible to know, maybe I will have to put in wish being able to know if you are 4 or 3. He is the count of Baqua.

Gorblood saw his father die and he wouldn't want to remember all the time the way his father died fighting almost alone against almost 300 men. He traveled trought all the land. He didn't seem to find a way of not dreaming with the horror he lived when the father died. he has stooped traveling in Old Grehk tring to forget old times.

The undead invasion had started, in the whole continent preparations were made for the coming. Several realms were destroyed by these beasts. But Old Grehk has so far survived and is now tring to regain it's former power. So Gorblood still fights there and plans to keep doing the same for a long time.

Old Grehk has survived, stronger than ever to the undead invasion, even though the north had been severily hitted OG survived, once gained stability OG started sending expeditions to help other troubled nations and even to secure a colony. Gorblood remains as a frontlines soldier.

Gorblood have mastered two kind of weapons: an elvish bow wich is very good to kill at distance called Glawar Tang and Two swords that he strikes at the same time called Uial and Minuial.