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A Brief History

The house of Revan is an ancient and mysterious family. Not a lot is known about their past, but it is probably better off that way; many family members didn't deserve to be called noble, or human beings for that matter. Very few family records have survived, because the family manors have had a tendency to be burnt down by angry mobs, or abandoned to flee from an army. The Revan family has brought out generations of terrible people.
But despite the efforts by their parents to twist and warp them in the family image, a few of the latest generation were able to escape their influence. Evil and his sister Darth ran away from the family at a relatively young age, seeking a better life. The rest of their relatives were not so lucky. The oldest brother, Dark Lord had a thirst for blood and battle that eventually led to his end. Their young cousin Alain went slightly out of his mind, and constantly fought a battle within his own head. And there is Alain's brother Guy, who was disowned by the family, and works tirelessly to prove his nobility.

Family Members

Name Age* Continent Realm Current Titles Class Rank Honor Prestige
Evil 26 Colonies Assassins Twilight General, Marshal Knight Lord 73 14
Darth Valhalla Valhalla None Hero Knight
Dark Lord Valhalla Valhalla None Hero Knight
Alain 22 East Continent Sirion Banker of Sirion, Count of Glinmar. Knight Lord 58 14
Guy 21 Beluaterra Sint None Adventurer Freeman 25 14
Alia 15 East Continent Sirion None None None 0 0
  • Note: This is not the age the game says. This is how old I roleplay the character to be.


Although they are relatively new to the public eye, the current generation of the family has managed to get a fame level of thirteen, and that number is steadily climbing. This section is set aside to track the famous actions done by members of the family.

FB Lord.png
Evil, Count of South Bakker
FB General.png
Evil, General of Assassins
Total: 2
FB Skill.png
Exceptional Skill
Total: 4
Actions and Events
Total: 2

The Family Coat of Arms