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The House

The Bluelake Family has its roots in Menedor, Atamara, as farmers and horse-raisers. Many generations ago, Monty Bluelake joined the menedorian militia, and grew within, until he found himself an old man training the new recruits. Since then, it has been family tradition to train soldiers for war. For a long time, Charles Bluelake ran the property with his lively wife Miriam, making it a place of joy and fun, where you could see men and women working and training, then gathering in the sunset for a couple of hours of music and games. They had three children of their own, two raised girls and one young boy. The mother, Miriam, was related to the Bluecloud Family, as her sister left Menedor to marry a far away noble. These two families were bonded by blood and love. It has long been since the three children left home to fend for themselves. Their lives were varied. Ilya was the last Queen of Falasan, Vanya was Pasha in the Sultanate of Asena, Aeric was a hero in Darka. Then came their downfalls, one by one, and the Bluelakes weren't heard of for a long time. The atamaran branch had to go into hiding, and the manor in Menedor was abandoned to ruins during the long war that destroyed Falasan.

In late 1012, the Bluelake family manor in Menedor has finally collapsed. When Atamara sunk, the few remnants of the family were scattered around the world or sought refuge in Dwilight, where the family home from Poryatu was chosen as the new manor. It now basks under the power of Luria.

Family Fame
Family Stories

Genealogy of House Bluelake

                                                      |            |            |           |
                                          Miriam = Charles       Frank        Sarah       Gwynn ~ Zhou Tai
                                                 |                 |                        |
                                 |---------------|----------|      |                        |
                                 |               |          |      |                        |
                   Raoul ===== Ilya = Willem   Vanya      Aeric  Marcus = Chi           Nina Tai
                          |          |            |                       |                 |
                          |     |-------|         |                       |                 |
                          |     |       |         |                       |                 |
                       Louise Alice   Gavin     Seanna                   Alma             Lana
                          |             |            |                                      |
                          |       |-----------|      |                                      |
                          |       |     |     |      |                                      |
                      Mary Anne  Iris Wylla Drake  Tyra                                 Zhou Tai

The Young Ones

These are the family members of the current generation.

Mary Anne de la Fere Bluelake

Prime Minister of Perleone, Princess of Perleone

Tyra Andrasta Bluelake

Tyra Thunderborn, Countess of Grodno (Luria Ferrata), Marshal of the Empire's Reach

The Important Ones

These were the members that distinguished themselves from the average noble.

Ilya Bluelake

Where Position
Menedor Queen
Falasan presumed dead

The Last Queen of Falasan

Raised to be the heir of the family, when her brother was born she did not give up the military training and decided to serve the realm as a knight. Held a deep loyalty towards Falasan, and, over time, learned to control her temper, growing to be a calm and respectful woman. Believes in honour and compassion. She was married to Willem Tinsley (who went missing on the south of Atamara), with whom she had two children. During the war against Cagilan Empire, Talerium and Tara, Ilya was elected Queen of her beloved realm, with a few interruptions when Willem and others ruled in her stead. After a long fight, the realm fell to her enemies and was finally destroyed. The Queen lingered for a few months in Eston, then left the active knightly life to join Raoul de la Fere's court. She had a last child with him, but was finally lost at sea when the family escaped sinking Atamara.

Vanya Bluelake

Where Position
Oroya Defterdar
Asena alive

Former Duchess of Oroya, Pasha and Defterdar of the Sultanate of Asena

Was the youngest of the family for a while, and has always lived very close to her older sister. After she engaged a life of her own in Taselak, she was also trying to find out who she really is. Vanya was always brightly humoured, and acquired a taste for ale. Events brought her to the Sultanate of Asena, where war came to unfold. After some romance, an accidental child and a busy time as Pasha, she settled as Baroness of Kazan, while the Sultanates did its best to survive. She then served as Baron Rickhart's knight, enjoying the freedom of a simple warrior again, until she heard news from her child in the South East Island and left to take care of family issues.

Other Family Members

These were family members that did not achieve distinctive status in the outside world.

Aeric Bluelake

Knight of Clintoc, Hero of Darka
The youngest son of Charles and Miriam Bluelake (around 10 years younger than Ilya), Aeric was supposed to have stayed at home and taken care of the family's estate, becoming the new head of the family. However, he longed to become a warrior like his childhood hero, Lasten Merytis, and escaped home to join the forces of Darka. There, he learned how to be a warrior within the famous Foxhounds. His fancy ways, cheerful disposition for a fight and not at all a bad looking face made the people (or should we say, the wenches) grant him the status of a hero. Unfortunately met with an early death while trying to rescue commoners from a looting party in Darka.

  • He had honeyish-green eyes and light brown hair. His horse was Turan, his unit was the Blue Fighters, with captain Eustasius (called James), then Lupold (+7).
  • His friends were Alexandre Capet, Isak Kandurell, Maeve Scallywag

The Dwilight Branch

They come from an escapade by Charles younger sister Gwynn and were unknown by the main branch. Ironically, nowadays this branch houses the family manor in Poryatu, after the sinking of Atamara. There has been conflicts among the different branches, but

Nina Tai

Born out of marriage. A good, lively hunter, with wits and love for the wilderness. Testified her mother's murder as a little girl, and was always suspicious of nobility since then. Was told of her origins as an adult, but kept it secret until her death. Her daughter found a letter from her and started trying to exert the family's rights.

Zhou Tai Bluelake

Current Head of House Bluelake
Got his dark hair and blue eyes from his grandmother, Nina Tai. Wears the hair long, since his mother said that was a symbol of status: only nobles could afford the time or products to care for long hair. Keeps it tied in a braid or multiple ties.

Related Characters

Minor nobles and commoners who participated in the family's life. (NPCs)

Robert D'Aigle

Ilya's uncle, squire, steward and councilor
Robert was Miriam's younger brother, and as the younger son of a minor noble family, unable to reach knighthood. He had always been close to Ilya since she was a child, and when she left home, Charles asked him to go with her. He was almost like her second father.


Nina Tai's daughter. She was raised on the road, always travelling with her mother. Grew to be a woman very self-conscious of her position, managed to marry a minor nobleman in Pian en Luries. After her mother's passing, found out about her origins as a member of a prestigious family. For years, she gathered documents, sent letters, looked for her family and the rightful heirs, insisted and negotiated until she was finally able to get recognition enough for her son to be accepted to the ranks of knights in Luria Nova.

  • Poe, the scribe - Ilya's faithful scribe from the start to the end of her reign.
  • Ed, the squire - Aeric's young squire as a hero in Darka.
  • Duncan, the tutor - Tyra's fatherly tutor, sent with her from Beluaterra by the Andrastas with the hope he would keep her in line and help her fulfill her promise to become more lady-like.

The End

The characters in italic are those who were never played as characters in game. I should thank loads of people for their help in building lay-outs, since I basically adapted many of them to build the genealogy tree, the tables... So thank you. I can't actually recall all of you. Always under construction. Bluelake