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Achilles of Tara

Achilles is currently the Dictator of Tara located on the Island of Atamara. He is well known for his honorable ways and his devotion to his allied realms. He treats everyone with respect, including his enemies. Achilles has long worked at diplomacy for his realm and has developed some interesting bonds, even amoung his enemies.

Achilles has hope for Tara and one day hopes to see her shine.

He has suffered a number of betrayals recently. Ari, who was the Executioner of Tara, attempted a rebellion against him by taking Foda away and starting a rebel realm. Victor, a once trusted noble who ruled over the city of Sullenport betrayed Achilles and his countrymen by handing over Sullenport in the hight of a battle. Simply because Achilles told him he had not the authority to make such a decision. Leonid, Victor's brother, swore revenge against Achilles for his treatment of his family after Victor's betrayal. Banned while wounded, Achilles cared not of Leonid's feelings as his families betrayal hurt Tara a great deal. Edvard the Deacon took over as Executor of Tara shortly after Ari was told to leave. Edvard tried desperately to have me appoint him over Foda. When I did not do so, he attempted to "buy" the paperwork necessary to take Foda himself. He assured me it was because he could use his family wealth to build up Militia. Shortly there after, a realm was created called, Tuchanon IV. That rebel realm, born on Cagilan Empire land was founded in Tarasac. CE is currently attempting to reclaim that land. Of course, had Edvard the Deacon been given Foda, he would have made Foda Tuchanon IV.

Achilles took some heat when appointing Solton as Duke of Foda. Someone he trusts for several reasons. This appointment has tested the Nobles of Tara's trust in Achilles. And to this day, most Taran's accept this appointment.

Achilles will serve Tara as long as he can, and hopefully one day, Tara will be great again!

Detailed Historical Events

  • On November 3rd, 2005, Achilles was attacked by Si Ju Jarugi, a lowly infiltrator of Drachenwald. Achilles fought for his life, and was able to grab a dagger, and tried to fend of Si Ju Jarugi, but Si Ju Jarugi was able to cut through Achilles defenses and stabbed him twice, deeply wounding him. Achilles as so ill, he lost his rulership, and on November 4th, 2005, Hakki was elected as the new ruler of Tara. Achilles heart is heavy, and recovered in a bitter cloud as his wounds heal. All of his hard work to rebuild Tara is now in the hands of another. Achilles ability at Diplomacy was fabulous. He was able to work out differences with Abington and actually created friendly relations with them and Redspan. His legacy will live on, but who knows what will happen to Achilles. Will he be ruler again? Will he be a soldier?
  • On November 9th, 2005, Hakki stepped down as ruler of Tara. He said he was tired of being harrased to stepd down, and so he did.
  • On November 10th, 2005, Achilles was re-elected as rulet of Tara recieving 70% of the valid votes.
  • On January 20th, 2006, Tara recieved yet another betrayal as repoted in the January edition of the Tara Times, January 20th Issue. Aramil, the then ruler of Carelia, planned a sneak attack on Tara with Redspan and Abington. Also in the paper is reported a letter from the General of Carelia cockily crowing about his plans of attack on Tara.