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The Kronos Family originated in Seggelin (South-East Island) The Kronos Family has split up, and has been dispersed through out the world. Lord Tatakai Kronos and Lady Avalon Kronos are left on the family land to work and (right now) keep the family wealth flourishing and abundant. The family, although not much at the moment has a small piece of fame in the eyes of there beholders. The family although originated in Seggelin has now moved to quite a few places. We have or had our Kronos blood in Taselak, ASI, Svunnetland, Batesaor, Minas Ithil, Fronen, Mesh, League of Anacan, Eston, Kybcyell, Perdan, Fontan and Toren. Fenrir the son of Lord Tatakai has moved the family blood to ASI and currently resides in Toren. Beowulf son of Lord Okami Kronos and cousin to Fenrir has brought the family blood to Svunnetland, Batesaor, and is currently living in Fronen. Peleus son of Kakarot cousin to Beowulf and Fenrir has moved the Kronos blood to Taselak. Sinn younger brother to Peleus has resided in Eston, League of Anacan, Mesh, and lives in Kybcyell. Achilleus also younger brother to Peleus and younger brother to Sinn has brought the blood to Fontan. Tatakai, Okami and Kakarot are the three brothers of the Kronos family. Sadly yet heroically Okami and Kakarot were killed in the call of duty to their beloved realm.

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Family History

The Kronos Family

Lone Wulf
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Family Positions

Family Status
Character Condition Location (or location of demise) Current Positions Past Positions
Peleus Dead Taselak N/A N/A
Fenrir Alive Heen N/A Paladin Primus, Count, Marshall
Beowulf Alive Republic of Fwuvoghor Minister of Defense Prime Minister, Grand Justiciar, Count, Marshall
Achilleus Dead Irombrozia N/A Arch Priest
Sinn Dead Ash Sea Islands N/A N/A
Wulf Alive Ethiala N/A N/A
Lone Wulf Alive Minas Ithil N/A N/A