Foote Family

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Foote Family
Fame 30
Wealth 2320
Home Region Aegir
Home World Dwilight

Note: Each island has a different branch of the Foote Family. I don't like my characters knowing, nor caring, about what happens on the other islands. If you play with me, do not bother me about creating a character in one of your realms on a different island. I very much dislike the practice of recruiting on different islands. I will not join your realm and do not feel like having my characters bothered with things that are completely irrelevant to them.

The Foote Family has had numerous nobles on the various islands. With Eva Foote on Beluaterra, rising the ranks to be the ruler of Obia'Syela and the head of the religion, Heralds of Obeah. Eugene Foote on Dwilight, becoming the Judge of the Morek Empire prior to its fall. Ethelbert Foote on Dwilight, becoming a religious elder of the Bloodmoon Cult. Zeuxis 'Johnson' Foote on East Continent, starting his career in Alara but ultimately becoming a general in Perdan. Igor Foote on East Continent, spending his entire time in Sydgard and some time in Yssrgard following the merger between Sydgard and Fallangard. Igor was marshal and general of Sydgard for some time.


The Foote Family Tree

The Foote Family are all descendants from Pyotr "Perotin" Dmitros, an Asylonian noble. Perotin had become paranoid through excessive use of the Bloodmoon fruit and was convinced that his descendants would be persecuted by the Astroists on Dwilight. With this his children took up a different family name and some fled the island. Gregor "Peterson" Foote, the oldest of Perotin's children, went to Beluaterra and ended up in the city of Rines with his son Gilbert. Charles, the second eldest, stayed on the island of Dwilight and forged the proper papers for the family home to be set up in Aegir. Thomas, the youngest, died prior to leaving Dwilight but his two children, John and Mortiz, fled to the Eastern Continent. With this splitting of the family, none of the branches on the different islands have contact with each other. As far as they are aware, the Foote Family exists only upon the island that they are.

Note: Colonies and South Island are places I don't care for. Right now I have no plan for working them into the actual family.

East Continent


Important noble of Sydgard and now part of Yssrgard. Currently operating a business in Isadril, the business focuses on selling panthers and is named "Igor Paw Paws".

Perotin 'Johnson' Foote

General of Perdan (Realm). Ultimately died from a fever.


Named after one of the oldest rulers of Caligus known, Titus is a young and ambitious noble whose story is just beginning. Titus gained his status as Knight of Mashhad through the use of bribes and blackmail.


Son of Perotin 'Johnson' Foote. Raised in Beziers following the death of his father. Came of age and was knighted by Vidran Konran, Viscount of Beziers, on 2022-04-28.



Full article: Ethelbert.

Ethelbert became a knight of Avernus during the Summer of 47 YD, around the start of the Gold Sea Conflict. Quickly Ethelbert worked on helping to slay the rogues which roamed the lands near Nifel. These battles proved to the nobility that he was capable of at least the rudimentary aspects of war. Before long the Cult of Bloodmoon was refounded by Glaumring Apasurain. Ethelbert knew the beliefs of the the Cult before the refounding of the official church and was an avid believer. Due to his strong belief, Ethelbert set down the sword and donned the vestments. Glaumring being familiar with Ethelbert quickly promoted him to an elder position, called that of a High Priest.


A crazy man serving the Morek Empire, an Astroist theocracy, despite hating the religion himself. While serving as the Grand Inquisitor (Judge) of Morek Empire he went missing. Where he went no one knows but no one has heard from him since.




Full Article: Eva

Head of the Heralds of Obeah and Ruler of Obia'Syela. Killed by the assassin Zatar Zatirri.


  • Justin - a cousin of Eva Foote who was last seen residing in the city of Rines.
  • Perceval - the bastard child of Eva Foote and her captain, Erich. He is currently 8 years old and in the custody of Eva's assassin, Zatar Zatirri. Eventually he shall become an adventurer and seek his claim to nobility.

Notable Adventurers

These people are commoners, there is no such thing as a notable commoner you silly goose.


  • Allrfadirism - Base religion for family as a replacement for paganism.
  • Dreyrugrmani, a bloodmoon fruit variant and future addition to that page, is used often in the family as a tie between the previous family and this one. Still to be fleshed out completely.